Ugly Betty Season 3 – Rabbit Test

Written By bryanboy

Ugly Betty Season 3 – Rabbit Test

UGH!!! Betty finally hit the jackpot with a lovely (or should I say $lovely$) man and she fucking blew it away!


  1. jams!

    OMG! Betty is back?!?!?! and she left her billionaire bf?! what a stupid ass face! i’m so gonna watch it!!

  2. Hooray for the return of Ugly Betty. I thought “Rabbit Test” was a great episode, and I’m curious as to whether this sets up Christina’s exit, or perhaps some more future drama between Christina and Willi. Either way, it was quite entertaining and im excited for next week. I also loved that they used the song “Before It Gets Better” by Earlimart during the ending montage…great song that fit the mood and really makes you empathize with Christina. Skip ahead to the clip of this scene at :

  3. michael uk

    hey bryanboy can i ask, where do you watch yo ugly betty episodes? thx a lot =)
    ps i LOVE yo blog

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