The Row by Olsen Twins

Written By bryanboy

GROWing Obsession

I think there’s something wrong with me. But in a good way. I’m not really keen on celebrity clothing lines because most celebs rarely get involved in the design process. A lot of them capitalize on their fame and lease their names out to vendors in order to make a quick buck.

Gold bib necklace from Von Kottwitz, sleeveless top from DressedUndressed Tokyo, jacket from The Row, pants from Anna Rita N, boots from Fiorentini + Baker.

When I saw pieces from the Olsen Twins’ The Row in Tokyo back in March, I instantly fell in love. I remember asking “who made this?” to a friend who worked at the store because the garments, other than a tiny gold chain, did not have a label on it.

Click click click!


  1. Henri P.

    im so in love with the AnnaRita N pants
    i neeeeeeeeeeeeeed this shit

  2. BoozeInMyBlood[Faith]

    oh bb! I love those pics! And im glad you are behind the row, thats been one if my favs for a minute and im always embarrassed to tell people i like the olsens designs.
    but i do. Were I a foot taller, id mimic MK.

  3. Is true what you said… I sai the same thing when I saw the beautiful dress that Ashley wore at the Gala…
    who is she wearing?

  4. christie

    well they may not have someone else make the line for them, but they certainly didnt design those themselves. its a merchandised line, they pick out their favorite clothes from the store, then send them to a patternmaker and have them reproduced in different fabrics.
    to make a line that consists of things you bought while shopping is kindof an insult to anyone who considers themselves a designer.

  5. Sweetheart, no. You need to do your research before you type. They work intimately with that specific clothing line and they are involved in all the designs for the Row.

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