The Catherine Tate Show [videos, clips]

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The Catherine Tate Show


I can’t for the life of god remember what it was I searched on YouTube earlier this week but lemme tell you, I think I’ve discovered my favourite comedienne of all time. That’s right. Holy Mary Manolo batman, Catherine Tate is the funniest woman EVER! OK fine, she’s up there with Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders.

What is it with British television? They always, ALWAYS have the funniest shows EVER! I love the sense of humor. This sort of shit won’t fly in America or in the third world where absolutely everything has to be politically-correct or else you’ll suffer the wrath of the government (FCC/USA) or the masses (Philippines).

I’ve compiled some of my favourite Catherine Tate skits for your viewing pleasure. I love how she plays different characters. Get ready to laugh. You are SO gonna die!!! She even poked fun at the Queen and asked her point-blank “are you disrespecting me? are you calling my mum a prostitute?”.

Click click click!

One of my favourite Catherine Tate characters is Lauren Cooper, the 15-year old rude chav student.

I’ve just been made a dame! HAHAHAHHAHHAHHA

Do you wash cars for a living? Do you wash cars for £3.50 per hour? Are your best mates from work are from Poland? Are you saying I’m fat? Are you saying that I should be American? Are you calling my mom a lard-ass? Are you saying I need a crane to get my dad out of bed?

Face. Look. Bothered. Am I bothered though?

The tables have turned on Lauren when she interned for Tony Blair.

This vid of her with an American Accent is fucking hysterical!!!

Here she pokes fun at upper class people…

… and a man who has a stuttering problem.

Ally the tactless woman!!!

After the funeral….

Catherine Tate plays as a closeted gay man called Derek…


The most adorable out of everyone is NAN!!!

Here she is at Deal or No Deal for Comic Relief.


Last but not the least, check out Lauren’s death scene. Look at what she had engraved on her tombstone!!!!!

That’s all.


  1. Catherine Tate show is really funny, esp the season 2, the one when she plays this school gurl and gets into fights, sayin like, “are ye insulting my family”, lol
    lastly, check out the doncaster spinners thing lol

  2. Catherine Tate is awesome. I’ve basically gotten her famous ‘Lauren’ lines down.

  3. Have you had the pleasure of watching Spaced? Skins? Brass eye? Maybe Green Wing, Mighty Boosh, Nighty Night, Gavin and Stacey? Just wanted to recommend a few because you clearly have great taste. But really, you MUST see Spaced!

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