Supermodels Boycott "Model as Muse" Gala at the Met

Written By bryanboy

Supermodels Boycott “Model as Muse” Gala at the Met

Have you read Cathy Horyn’s latest entries on her blog? She dropped the A-bomb on tonight’s “Model as Muse” party.

Supermodels Naomi Campbell and Stephanie Seymour explicitly expressed they won’t attend the event (to support Azzedine Alaïa). Linda Evangelista is not going and Christy Turlington won’t be able to attend because she’s currently overseas.

Read the entry HERE.

How sad.

I think it’s unfortunate that sometimes, in the world of fashion, money speaks louder than craft.

I have a feeling what it boils down to is good ol’ commercialism.

To my knowledge, Azzedine Alaïa doesn’t advertise. Since it’s Anna Wintour’s party of parties, her event of the year, it’s perfectly natural and expected for her to give recognition and prominence to those who advertise in her magazine, namely American Vogue.

I really hope I’m wrong but that’s what my gut is telling me.

What do you all think?


  1. Randall

    You’re on to something…. (no not ON something!) I have to agree with you, gut-wise

  2. Think about it.
    There HAS to be a reason why they shunned Alaia.
    Azzedine is anti-establishment and Vogue is, well, the pinnacle of establishment.
    Azzedine shunned the fashion calendar.
    Azzedine doesn’t advertise; has virtually no major commercial interests
    Unless Anna and Azzedine had beef in the past, well, you do the math…

  3. Tho a fashion phillistine I do love ur blog and the very idea of you!
    Your gut feeling is probably spot on. Esp now in these turbulent financial times its prob art for arts sake money for Gods sake.


    i don’t get the whole alaia thing his connection at the MET. explain it

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