Sorry to see you go…

Written By bryanboy

Sorry to see you go…

After two weeks of painfully dealing (or should I say ‘negotiating’) with the worst customs in the whole world (they refuse to budge and insisted on charging an arm and a leg in duties and taxes… for a pair of shoes!!), the Lanvin sneakers I bought finally arrived. 

Lanvin men's Sneakers

But alas, they are the wrong size.

What a beautiful pair of sneakers… I saw the knock-off version at Zara a few weeks ago and it pales in comparison to the real deal.  Now I’m gonna have to send them back and wait for another pair to be sent to me. I’m soo sad. I honestly feel like I’m parting away with a child!

It’s alright. At least it gives me time to find black grosgrain ribbon to use as shoelaces.


  1. Oh so amazing!!! I’m super jeally. I know what you’re dealing with though..i have to send a pair of shoes back after paying $48 to receive them..buggers.

  2. lolzzz i got the white 1.. and i regret for not gettin the black 1 sighhh…

  3. nice shoes…
    Sucks though… that’s awful…AND such a hassle. Still, HEAVENLY pair!

  4. kylie

    wait, will the customs charge you again when the replacement comes?

  5. I HOPE NOT!
    that’s like my biggest fear.
    this whole customs duties & taxes thing is so sketchy in the first place.
    i really don’t think customs should charge taxes when it’s for PERSONAL USE.
    i’m still waiting for a reply from them whether i can get a refund or not. i’m returning this shipment afterall!!!

  6. jams!

    yeah.. that sucks big time! oh you better pray the customs will pass the next one.. if ever, that’ll be one of the most expensive pair of Lanvin Sneaks ever bought becoz of the “double” taxes and all!
    but im sure its worth a wait! dang! i wish i have those.. :(
    take a pic wearing it once you get the right pair!!!! :D

  7. spaceman

    Nice shoes! I hope that the customs wouldn’t charge you the taxes when the replacement comes. The taxes that you’ll pay would be more expensive than the shoes itself. Goodluck :)

  8. homesick

    too bad for you… there are other equally “worst” customs offices in other countries ( such as I_don_s_a :-) ) though …

  9. lowell

    gurl how much ang charge ng customs sa u sa shoes kc my balak akong umorder ng shoes online pra di na ako mawindang ulit sa customs charges.

  10. Enrico

    So 2006 , Lanvin happened years ago… Its GIVENCHY TIME!!!!!! Well that’s what New York gay guys are desiring for.

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