Solefood Canal Street Air Force One

Written By bryanboy

Canal Street Air Force One

What is it with everyone doing “designer” mash-ups these days? Remember those Slow & Steady Wins the Race hybrid bags? Well, ladies and gays, meet the ultimate in men’s sneakers: SoleFood’s custom sneakers named “Canal Street Air Force One”. How many brands can you spot in one photo? I spy with my Fendi Spy… Rolex, Chanel, Nike, Louis Vuitton and Gucci.

Solefood NYC Canal Street Air Force One

This has got to be the worst pair of sneakers on the face of the planet.

Solefood NYC Canal Street Air Force One

How does it make you feel? I betchu five dolla Rick Ross owns a pair.

photo credits: kicksonfire


  1. allen

    Just hideous.
    Maybe sonia rykiel can pull those off.

  2. OMFG!!! Bryan Boy please!!!! If you have one shred of (fashion) humainty you will tell me, EMAIL ME, CALL ME, with the information on where to buy these!!!! I need these in my life like you need cigarettes and photo ops!!!

  3. You will need diamond encrusted teeth t go with these :oD
    Rick Ross would wear them with his fake LV sunnies hahaha

  4. Thomas

    I saw those and immediately thought “Kanye West”… because he would totally wear those hideous things.

  5. rodeodr

    I like the idea, but they could have used a better shoe.

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