Shalom Harlow | 2009 Costume Institute Gala "Model as Muse" | The Met

Written By bryanboy

Best Dressed: Shalom Harlow

I really should go to sleep because it’s 11:19AM here and I spent all morning going through photos of the “Model as Muse” event at The Met. Some of my favourites are: Kate Moss, Ashley Olsen, Gisele + her amazing body and Bee Schaffer who really werqed it out. However, the one and only person who made a major impact on me out of everyone who went to the ball is no other than Shalom Harlow.

photo credits: getty images via fabsugar, wwd


  1. agree!
    that dress looks like an animated trashbag, and most people would’ve looked like they’d partially crawled out of a body bag, but she really looks ELEGANT (you’re’s that fierce face). brilliant!

  2. Agree as well!! It’s totally over the top but obviously over the top is required for the MET gala. Yet, I don’t really get the legging… What’s the point of black leggings?… The only bad point cos otherwise she looks stunning

  3. timothy

    it stills look too poofy and garbage bag like to me.
    I question the neckline and silhouette..but yeah, face is strong.

  4. lowell

    that dress takes guts and taste to pull it off.who did that anyway?

  5. at first glance, i thought she was wearing trash bags. but hail shalom harlow! now i know what ‘wear the dress and not the other way around’ means. :)

  6. Pooreza Schouler

    I looove Shalom in that black pouf of a dress. She’s my best dressed of the night too. Who made it? Viktor and Rolf? McQueen?
    And did you see Madonna?!!!

  7. Canada does it again ;)
    Love Shalom! and completely agree with giving her the best dressed award.

  8. Gouveia

    what’s not to agree?
    she(in partibcular) and other girls wore it really well but there was to much of “not so good” looks this year like Milla Jovovich with that yellow marni dress and necklace and Helena Christensen with the zac posen shinny thing that spells VOGUE…definitely she was doing the ironic dress thing,no?
    in the end, i have to say the last year was much better than this, dont you think?

  9. Agree! Shalom totally works it.
    But what did you think about Lou Doillon in Nina Ricci, I actually loved it!

  10. How did this crazily dramatic look get so widely ignored by all coverage today? Majorly misunderstood, I’m guessing.

  11. she looks like she fell into a dumpster and a bunch of garbage bags got stuck to her dress. gah.

  12. BoozeInMyBlood[Faith]

    shes a phenomenon. Not ever a challenge for her to carry am overbearing outfit. Shes dope.

  13. Totally agree!
    Personally, this was not my fave, but I agree with you that not everyone can wear a frock like that one and she did it beautifully…
    I’m glad to view different points of view about the best dressed at the gala…
    Like your favorites..

  14. Frankly, on the garment alone, I think it’s far too much. It’s like Dementor meets garbage bag. However, as a visual stimulus – that being the entire ensemble, including Shalom, the presentation, her presence – can’t say it’s not mesmerizing. As you said Bryanboy, no one else on this earth could probably pull off the same level of elegance that Shalom did with this look.

  15. so agree, so many people were criticizing her outfit but I seriously felt like she pulled it off so well! Such a gorgeous person…

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