Ricky Hatton vs Manny Pacquiao Fight [video, pics]

Written By bryanboy

Ricky Hatton vs Manny Pacquiao Fight

[UPDATE: MANNY PACQUIAO WON! Click HERE for more pictures and a video of the fight.]

Who do you want to win in the Manny Pacquiao and Ricky Hatton fight tomorrow in Las Vegas? Here’s a video from HBO.

I’m no boxing fan but this ought to be interesting. I have a feeling Ricky Hatton’s gonna win.

photo credits: guardian uk, daily telegraph


  1. Bryantoo

    give some love to Manny. I believe he will prevail.
    What do you think of Manny’s fashion?

  2. Bryan I’m surprised, you’re not rooting for the hometown boy?

  3. Sabrina

    Too bad, Manny just won, you can kiss your skinny and fugly face goodbye, kiss ass! This is the only time you should have been proud to your fellow 3rd world countryman.

  4. Mikee

    Oh Come on Bryanboy!
    No matter where you live,
    no matter where or how you live,
    you’ve always got to give love
    and support to your hometown heroes.
    p.s. manny DID win.
    KO in round 2 baby!

  5. Yay! Pacman didn’t disappoint! I would’ve loved to see dela Hoya & Mayweather’s reaction :p

  6. Just 2 rounds and 6minutes :))
    I think I’m proud to be Pinoy again. haha!

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