Reflective Sunglasses (Agyness Deyn and Jack McCollough)

Written By bryanboy

Reflective Sunglasses

Speaking of hideous “Duty-Free Spectacular Specials”, please don’t tell me this is the new trend in eyewear: reflective sunglasses

I first spotted it on Ms. Laura “Agyness Deyn” Hollins last month…

Agyness Deyn sunglasses

and earlier last week, I saw them on Proenza Schouler’s Jack McCollough after that whole Kiefer Sutherland head-butting saga. Here’s a pap photo of him wearing a pair of Oakley (shock horror) sunglasses.

Jack McCollough Oakley sunglasses

I am begging y’all do not, under any circumstances, bite into this
reflective glasses trend or else — marc my words — a baby unicorn
will die somewhere.

photo credits: fabsugar uk, splashnewsonline via tmz


  1. Really? I don’t mind reflective sunglasses at all. Balenciaga’s S/S 07 copper reflective goggles were gorgeous and Margiela has the silver reflective l’incognito sunglasses, too.

  2. Michael Brambila

    OMG I’ve had some Marc reflective aviators for a while now!! Hahahaha OMG I love them!! Hhahaha i didnt even realize they were a problem…I want reflective raybans next! HAHAH Ooops, faux pas! I dont care though, theyre awesome, Sorry Bb…

  3. serious black

    not a big fan of them on girls…
    they are broglasses! i think they look good on JM… he’s an altbro, i guess… rockin’ thee oakleys. all he needs are some bro shorts, some high top nike dunks and a fitted and he would be set.
    altbro chic.

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