MTV Made Josh the Fashion Journalist

Written By bryanboy

MTV Made Josh the Fashion Journalist

Oh my god you guys why haven’t I seen THIS before? This is the story of my life!

MTV Made Josh the Fashion Journalist

OK maybe not because…

a) I don’t have man boobs.. and

b) I know Iceberg, how can you NOT know Iceberg, thank you very much.

Just kidding.

In all seriousness though, it’s all too familiar. Pluck the little gay boy who tried so hard to fit in from obscurity and put him in the big city.

I tried to embed the videos on my blog but I’m getting an error message. Maybe it’s because they’re a couple of years old. In any case, click the photo above and you should be able to watch them on the MTV website.

Last thing — what’s with Karen Robinovitz giving pronunciation lessons when she pronounced Yves Saint Laurent as Yves SAINT (SAYNT) Laurent? That’s a small boo boo right there. Oops! :-) Curious about designer name pronunciations? Click HERE.

OK y’all, just watch it on the MTV website. I’m a complete sucker for shows like this. It’s hysterical! Kudos on Josh for actually going through all that. I wouldn’t know what to do


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  1. Oh I saw a rerun of that last week, and No kidding I totally thought of you while watching

  2. LuxeLust

    the MTV player doesn’t seem to play outside the US :(
    are you viewing it through a proxy, or does it just work for you?

  3. oskar

    If he’s such a fashionista then why has he not heard of a pushup? Mind me he is wearing a purse why not a bra? … Btw a fake chanel? Really…

  4. william

    1. He doesn’t know anything about fashion.
    2. He has terrible style.
    3. He’s not even mildly intelligent.

  5. interesting observation.
    however, isn’t that what MADE is all about? to turn you into something you are “not”?

  6. David

    For Americans “Yves Saint Laurent as Yves SAINT (SAYNT) Laurent” is fine enough, though I personally say Eeves-sayn-LauRan..

  7. william

    More than anything else art/creativity/style are not things you can just learn. They’re the kind of thing that must be nurtured from an early age. I’m sure you, BB, like myself was interested in fashion and/or art from an early age. It’s something you grow up with and, if you love it, you immerse yourself in it, and it comes naturally. But YES, I’m quite the cynic, I know I know.

  8. Karl Marx

    MADE is (was?) such a good show! There were so many gay characters on that show!!! Wasn’t there a guy wanting to be a cheerleader, and then having this breakdown because he couldn’t cope. All he really wanted to say was that he was gay. This show really had heart show y’all! None of that soulless slick rich kid crap (The Hills, My Sweet 16, etc)

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