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Miuccia Prada on CNN TalkAsia

Miuccia Prada recently went to Seoul to bring her “Waist Down” skirt exhibition and CNN’s Anjali Rao interviewed her for TalkAsia. My favourite quote? “I don’t like things that are obvious and so I always try to introduce something that is wrong, something that is different. Just
beauty by itself is too easy.”

Embedded video from CNN Video

Like what I said a few weeks ago, I’m totally loving CNN. It’s great they’re featuring more and more figures from the fashion world. I’m glad they had the opportunity to interview Miuccia. She’s very intelligent, very clever and very smart. I love how she handled herself when she was asked with a tough question about their acquisition phase (Alaia, Jil Sander, Helmut Lang). I thought she answered very well.

Click click click for part 2 & part 3 of the interview.


Embedded video from CNN Video

Embedded video from CNN Video

Last comment — I wish Anjali asked Miuccia about the lack of diversity on the runways.

That’s all.


  1. lowell

    thank God we don’t have to pay thousands of dollars for a Prada interview. i didn’t realize she speaks english.lol

  2. Roopa Gupta

    Devil wears Prada

    Miuccia Prada!! top of the mind recall, classy designer for the ultra rich. It was an amazing interview by Anjali, who was trying to understand what made Prada, as it stands today. Miuccia reverberates a unique power, the power to stand out with her design and passion to make all beautiful and smart.

    I was completely astounded by Miuccia, she seemed so grounded and knew where to draw line between her personal and professional life. A superwoman in the industry, who has everything to do with modern design, fashion for three continents is actually a communist at heart, such a catharsis.

    When asked, all the designers would like to hang around with models to come up on the stage, on the other hand, she would just do a two minute act, and her answer was emphatic. The path envisioned for Prada is aggressive, she still wants it to become larger and world’s best.

    I have only adulation for Miuccia and her work. She stands out and makes her brand even more special.

    Roopa Gupta

  3. i wish she had asked more questions about art and fashion rather than business.

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