Mercury Retrograde

Written By bryanboy

Mercury Retrograde

Speaking of amazing fall/winter 2009 runway Louis Vuitton bunny ears, I took this photo about two weeks ago for shits and giggles. Yes, even before Madonna and before my haircut.

Mercury Retrograde

Thank god it’s Saturday! I don’t know about you but this week was PURE torture. Too many things to do in such limited time. My to-do list is longer than the stretch of the Great Wall of China. I spoke to a friend late last night (or should I say at 4AM this morning) while patiently and painfully uploading images at dial up-like speed on what was meant to be a dsl connection. I asked her, why am I subjecting myself to so much stress?  What it all boils down to is for the love of work. Gurl has to work hard for the money, I guess.

Sometimes I wish I had a day job that pays the bills and then some. Most bloggers have 9-5 day jobs and their blog is nothing but a hobby. I dunno… maybe it’s just me but perhaps there aren’t THAT many full-time bloggers out there. The question is… can I imagine myself waking up at an ungodly hour, sit in a cubicle for the whole day, deal with office politics and daily commute? I don’t think so. But for some reason, there’s an appeal to it — stability. Whether you work in the office or laze away in the cubicle and browse internet sites on company time, you still get paid… and at the end of the day, your “work” is done. Meanwhile, people like me are up 16, sometimes 20 hours a day, dealing with so much. Not only for five days but for the entire week! It’s a never-ending struggle. But I love my job. I really do.  

You know, I never really believed this whole Mercury Retrograde bullshit until this month. One of my hard drives somewhat died on me for some reason and I had to deal with the computer shop in trying to recover some of my data. Also, for the past week, I’ve been having far too many email problems — some emails are getting lost, some are being trapped in my spam folder and some are being trapped in my recipient’s spam folders. And then of course, problems with my internet connection. Ever since it rained (I think it was last weeked), my isp went kaput on me. I swear to god, it took me 2 hours to upload a 5mb file yesterday! God knows how many times I’ve called PLDT to fix it and the only response I get is that they’re working it or they’re *still* working on it. What rubbish.

According to Astrologyzone,
Mercury will retrograde from May 7 until the 30th but the effects can be
felt starting from May 1. Does it mean we’re fucked for the whole
month? Jesus.

I just wish things are working the way they are supposed to work because it’s fucking up my productivity. But what can one do eh? The good thing is, I managed to get out of the house a few times this week — haircut, facial, massage, shoots, even shopped a bit, etc. By the time I get home, I am just too exhausted to be angry at my internet provider.

I’m just glad it’s the weekend. I slept at 8:30AM today for about 10 hours.

Too bad I have more work to do. *sigh*

In the words of Emily, I love my job, I love my job, I love job.

That’s all.


  1. You could YT for supplemental income! A YouTube partner can make $400 a day with a couple thousand views, from what I hear.

  2. what do you mean work? i mean is there more to it other than taking photos and writing infantile articles?

  3. Aldous Wright

    I couldn’t agree more. Some people are even proposing we file a suit on the damned provider for cheating. I don’t think I’m up to that though.

  4. liliana

    Excuse me, but your job is to shop and take photos and write about fashion. What’s so hard??

  5. lol you make it sound like blogging is a stroll in the park!
    there’s dealing with advertisers, managing affiliate programs, keeping track of ads/stats, writing proposals, answering emails, etc.
    also for the past week i’ve been working on photos for an exhibit i’ll be doing.

  6. so true.. people think that its easy to add content to a blog. for someone whose only means of income is thru their blog, with no fall back of a day job, its daunting to think if your ad revenue can pay all your expenses.

  7. Yeah, I totally feel for you about the full time blogger thing. Obvi I’m one of the hobby people, but last summer just building my blog and getting all the HTML and link-swapping took forever and finding a photohost and figuring all of it out is a strug-fest! Honestly I can’t even imagine what your email inbox must be like. I bet it’s a full time job in and of itself!! At the end of the day, its really cool and so worth it though.

  8. I think is very admirable that you do this as a full time job.
    I hate ignorant people that just can’t understand that bloggers are workers too… Having a blog is not an easy thing and YES it should be considered as a job, like many others…
    I’m a “hobby blogger”…here in Mexico is even MORE difficult to be a full time blogger… But I admire the ones that do it.
    Been a full time blogger involves investigation, knowledge, experience, reading, reading, reading…etc.
    Many people have “normal jobs” but they just sit on their chairs and wait until the check comes every month…
    I admire you and many blogger that are taking this seriusly :)

  9. i would recommend to use EASTERN TELECOM they have good service and faster connection NO HASSLE. i tell you :)

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