Madonna in Louis Vuitton | 2009 Costume Institute Gala "Model as Muse" | The Met

Written By bryanboy

Madonna in Louis Vuitton

Everyone’s talking about Madonna who wore Louis Vuitton fall/winter 2009 the other night at the Met. When I showed my mother some photos, the first thing she said was “is she going through some psychological change in her life?” Just kidding. No, my mother didn’t say that but Venus Xtravaganza did.

No, really, has Madonna lost her mind? Mid-life crisis much?

photo credits: getty images via jezebel


  1. can’t agree more! it’s all about sense of humor! and dressing up for FUN for a COSTUME gala; kudos to people with sense of humor!

  2. Gouveia

    mid crisis? no
    my idea is simple, she’s playin’ with “the” thing that we’ve seen on the runways for next fall: a 80’s revival.
    At that time, she was a major fashion and beauty icon(and still is) so she just asked herself a question: would i wear it in the 80’s? The answer to that? Visible
    If i think she’s at her best?
    No. Just playin’ for fun.

  3. she looks great, physically fit, flawless skin, great hair, and it looks like she’s having an incredible amount of fun by not taking things too seriously.
    plus, she’s getting way more press coverage out of her outfit than Renee and Claire.

  4. Hmmm, you don’t have to LOVE everything Marc Jacobs is responsible for… ;)
    I agree, I think she is partly having fun (and what an amazing publicity move – all the coverage has now focused on her, totally robbing the attention from Mossy and co), but that doesn’t stop this from being rather wrong on a number of levels. I really liked that collection on the runway, but this..

  5. LOL
    I don’t love everything. I just thought Madonna doesn’t deserve the flak she’s getting.
    The worst is actually Leighton Meester. She literally looks like vomit.

  6. hey bb why aren’t you posting pics of Natasha at MET? i already have them put up at the MET thread 2009. she looks really really good

  7. Pooreza Schouler

    AMEN Bryan, AMEN!!!
    Madonna has always been audacious in her fashion choices. It’s not due to mid-life crisis at all. Me thinks the public has gotten used to the guy ritchie-era-proper-english-lady-madge that they’ve forgottem that Madonna has always been a fashion rebel of sorts. Before she got hitched to Guy. Since she’s ditched Guy already – what can we expect?
    Remember what she wore to the Cannes premier of her Truth or Dare docu? And what she wore during the launch of her Sex book? What was she wearing when she received that Grammy for Ray of Light? Does anybody remember the Gaultier corset at all?

  8. she was still in PHI and was with Andreas same as last year

  9. is mj’s PR firm paying you? because i bet he regrets styling her like that
    sorry hun. you got it wrong tonight… she looks indeed hideous. end of story!

  10. OKAAAY, tell it. TELL IT LIKE IT IS. The world is already full of ho-hum looking people. She’s fucking Madonna! She could wear a curtain and I’d still bow down to her.

  11. what a preposterous accusation.
    For your own reference, MJ and LV are different; LV has their own in-house PR firm. To my knowledge, LV doesn’t have any commercial relations with bloggers; the last known activity they did that’s associated with bloggers was a brunch held in NYC a long time ago.
    opinions are like butts. everyone has one and is entitled to. for you to accuse me of having commercial relations with “mj’s pr” just because my opinion is DIFFERENT to everyone else is ludicrous, not to mention offensive.

  12. alicia

    A friend of mine saw her buying alot of those “I Conjure” Candles. ISN’T she SUPPOSED to be like Kabbalah, not Spiritual…Definetely gone nuts!!!!

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