Laura from DimePiece

Written By bryanboy

Laura from DimePiece

Oh my god I’m so backblogged it’s not even funny. It’s been a crazy, crazy (drunken) week. Thank god it’s Saturday and I look forward to doing absolutely nothing and catch up with my iTunes downloads while I try to sort out my hangover.

My friend Laura from LA visited the Philippines on vacation for two weeks and I got to spend quality time with her. We had late lunch and went on a boozing spree on Thursday. One glass of wine turned into… three hundred. LOL. We went to different places around the mall and we’ve had far too many drinks from sake cocktails to lychee martinis between the two of us. Next thing you know, I took Laura and her boyfriend JJ to the airport to catch their evening flight and I literally passed out in the car on my way back.

Bryanboy with Laura of DimePiece

Although she’s only 22, Laura is one of the co-founders of the brand DimePiece Designs. Check out this vid. Vimby got the names mixed up though lol.

I miss you babes! It’s a long-ass flight to LA and I hope you slept on the plane. See you again soon!

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  1. nikki

    omg where did she get that dress?
    didn’t find it on the topshop website..
    i need to know!

  2. BoozeInMyBlood[Faith]

    shes gorgeous, and im sooo jealous she got to visit!

  3. Bryan, it is a Chanel jacket that u’re wearing or i’m visually impaired???

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