Lady Gaga Paparazzi Official Music Video

Written By bryanboy

Lady Gaga Paparazzi Official Music Video


I’ve been very wary of Lady Gaga these days because I feel like the fame is finally getting to her head and her ego is getting bigger and bigger but oh my god, have you seen her new ‘Paparazzi’ music video? It was just released last night in the US. She redeemed herself and she’s back in my books. AMAZING!!!

OK fine. The soft core porn at the start of the video is totally unnecessary and yes, Swedish boys will totally break your heart but the fashion, oh my god the fashion! How many designer creations can you spot on the vid? I see that she wore the same print as Inna Pilipenko at Jeremy Scott Fall/Winter 2009.

Lady Gaga Paparazzi Video dress from Jeremy Scott Fall/Winter 2009 worn by Inna Pilipenko


photo credits: sonnyphotos via dianepernet,


  1. agian

    omg! she’s such a slut but DAMN she’s a fierce bitch..
    that scene with the black lips and the sunglasses and the poisoning.. i almost fainted..
    the thing i definetely recognized is that dolce and gabbana metal corset from a few seasons ago, damn i want to hate her for being such a slut.. but i just can’t now..
    that vid was too incredible for words..

  2. matthews

    Yeah…….Viva Slut!! lol. Anyway, it’s a good song I guess…..boy oh boy Alexander Skaarsgard is totally a hottie!!!! He can do that to me anytime ;-)))

  3. It’s hilarious .oh em gee
    but the fashion is a totally woah

  4. tribalpottery

    The metal bikini is definitely Thierry Mugler. It was also worn in George Michael’s video “Too Funky” several years ago.

  5. Parnell

    Sorry BB Not buying it. Just a bunch of rehashed crap. The director and she couldnt come up with a new concept so they just assimilated creative ideas and styles from the past and present it as their own. Cheap lighting/ production value. Ugh

  6. agian

    lol it’s so fierce i had to comment it again
    i tried to spot as many designer creations as i could.. so far i’ve got:
    -dolce corset belt when she’s in the wheelchair and the balmain shoes
    -theirry mugler silver costume
    -fendi s/s ’09s when she’s wearing that weird white blue pant/skirt ensemble.. i think
    the leather she’s wearing in the scenes with the couch kinda reminds me of givenchy s/s 09 but im pretty sure it isn’t

  7. Most of her clothes aren’t actually designer, her bubble dress isn’t by Hussein Chalayan & I have seen her wearing something almost identical to the D&G metal corset before but I don’t think it was D&G. She is working her way through the same season when designers were being risky with futuristic clothes. I would be waiting for her version of the Balenciaga gold leggings (LOVE!!!) but Beyonce beat her to it xD
    I adore the video, the ending is amazing =]


    Bobby Trendy for the black and white taffeta nightmare….LOL…. am I right?

  9. Mimi Tan

    No one’s mentioned the Balmain sandals at the beginning!

    I still don’t like her tho

  10. guest

    The fame has never gone to her head. She’s the same as she was. She’s just globally more aware for everyone and many people has their own opinions about her but I know that she doesn’t care as long as she’s being who she truly is. She may be a bit slutty however you call it but she’s a great performer and she knows what she wants and how she sees herself and she doesn’t give a crap about how people perceive her.
    Lady Gaga is freaking fabulous. Every video of hers is amazing. And she and her wardrobe will always be loved by me. She’s freaking Gaga.

  11. Janine

    The black & white outfit has to be Christian Siriano! It has elements of some of his work from Project Runway and is FIERCE.

  12. luxirare

    i love the dress but that girl is terribly skinny..EVEN for my standards. (i like skinny girls)

  13. Adam af

    OMG that white jump suit with the shoulder fabric looks so much like that freaky crap bobby trendy wore one time and everyone mocked. Oh Bobby, you ARE trendy!

  14. OwlFace

    love her, she’s one hot tranny!
    … howevs, that model’s body (bottom pic) is disgusting.
    nuff said.

  15. hahaha okay the swedish triplets she is making out with in the middle are from Daisy of Love, that crappy/amazing VH1 show. she kicked them off the first night cuz they were too weird….
    and yes, i watch it, its terrible.

  16. Hannah

    I noticed quite a lot of my darling Thierry Mugler (and pieces that were inspired by him including the Dolce and Gabanna silver armor dress) and I spotted Marc Jacobs sunglasses toward the end when she had the 80’s Madge cone-head hairstyle on. I love Ms. GaGa. She’s my bitch. BTW, ILY Bryan darling. I just recently caught on to you and you are my shining starrrr. Be prepared for me to stalk you from here on out. =D

  17. Emmanuelle Salvador

    I fucking love this video! I watch it repeatedly! (loser)
    This is so fierce! never mind the clothes, I saw vogue all over the video! this video is just FABULOUS!
    my favorite parts:
    just imagine, you making love with your boyfriend scratching his back and your hand rings spells the word “DIOR”
    when she got arrested! mugshot wearing dolce and gabbana and posing as if it was couture!

  18. Justin

    I love this video, especially how she uses Neuro Sonic to trick her BF into drinking poison.

  19. julieta

    Dear Bryan, i write you not to comment about the video, but of the photo you posted below. OH, MY GOD. Please, do not post flat “women” like that. i know one should’t be accussing of anorexia to every model, but, that one is pretty shooking. You have a wonderfull blog, please help to show the non-anorexia side of fashion.

    see you, julieta

  20. AdhiPuTaw

    I love “Paparazzi”. I think it is relentless fashion and glamour. At the end of the video, Gaga made getting arrested and having police officers drag you to their car look really fabulous.

    This is a success for Jonas Akerlund. Whoever came up with the whole “sexy-women-being-murdered” scenes, I just gotta say “GREAT!!!”. Fashion photography is at its best when it portrays extremities like death.

    I think I like this even more than Bad Romance, for the former has Gaga totally working her fashion and expressions.

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