Karl Who? Bag

Written By bryanboy

Karl Who? Bag

Words cannot express my disdain for these unnecessary, so-called “eco” bags. I know many, many, many people who collect such trash for the simple, wasteful sake of being trendy. They buy a canvas bag, use it once and they put it in the closet where it will never see the light of day again. Think about it. Whatever happened to the legions of people who went far and beyond to get that “I Am Not a Plastic Bag” tote? Do you still see people carry them? I don’t think so.

Anyhoo, check out Uncle Karl in Nice sporting a Karl Who? bag. God I love this man.

Karl Lagerfeld in Nice Airport carrying a Karl Who? bag

I totally take back everything I’ve said about eco bags. OMG I WANT ONE!

Karl Who Tote Bag Karl Who Bag

Not “Karl Who?” though but “Bryanboy What?”

photo credits: bauer-griffin


  1. Kathleen

    I’m not kidding you rn this made my day x1,000,000,0023848923.

  2. Hey BB do you know where I can get this and how much? I so WANT it!!

  3. johnny

    Why are you saying Eco bags are bad? They have been made to protect the enviroment and people like you saying they aren’t fashionable wastes the point!!! Come on Bryan dont let me down!

  4. You be my daddy and get me one.
    (Hah, that’ll be the day)
    Your Uncle Carl does’nt look as roasted in these shots.

  5. As a former “Slut of the Day” circa ’07, I did admit to queueing several hours for the Anya bag. And now I feel compelled to point out that I still use mine, but for jaunts to the beach or park. For market I use a less conspicuous couffin.

  6. gilda

    omg omg omg omg omg WHERE DO I GET ONE! i love it, it’s epic! he’s carrying a cheap muslin bag! how can it be! omg! i love it! ah!

  7. lowell

    if karl produced this one, it will outsold all eco bags combined.

  8. SuperChick

    Whaouu So simple , so Cutness , This Bag is perfecto for the playa ! yeah yeah yeah I need One Before evrybodyyy!

  9. buunaga

    Hahahaha….I would love to see Seals and Heidis faces when they see this picture.

  10. BB, you wanted one? So you were being trendy, no? I personally won’t go crazy over eco bags. But I perhaps would if they were designed, high-fashionably, by my favorite designer.

    About Karl, I love him too. But he’s such a bitch for being so outspoken and does not seem to care to filter his words. Oh, and I think he realizes very much that he’s famous, respected, and influential. And he’s definitely enjoying being worshipped.

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