Karl Lagerfeld Speaks of the Truth

Written By bryanboy

Karl Lagerfeld Speaks of the Truth

Amen Uncle Karl, amen. You know, if I didn't obsess about fashion that much I probably would've let myself go a long time ago.

Karl Lagerfeld quote about weight.

As much as I agree with good ol' Uncle Karl, don't you think this sort of message sends out the wrong (ok, maybe not wrong but confusing) signal out there? It's funny how the fashion industry are quick to distance themselves from any eating disorder hullabaloo, especially when people discuss about the link between fashion magazines and anorexia yet here you have one of the world's most iconic tastemakers influencing people to use fashion as a motivation to cut back on the calories.

It's true though. Majority of people want to lose weight simply because of aesthetic reasons. What else is there to motivate oneself to lose weight?
Health? If health was a concern, no one would overeat themselves in the
first place. What, do you really think the obese Midwestern American housewife would stop overeating one day just because she wants to? I doubt it. People want to lose weight because they want to feel beautiful. They want to be fashionable. They want to be accepted. Society's perception of beauty has been altered over the years (thanks to the media) positioning those who are trim and slim to be on top of the beauty chain. Because of this, people who are on the heavier side of the scale are pressured by others to try to fit into this 'ideal'.

What do you all think? I think I'm talking nonsense.


  1. you’re very correct. even if the tables were turned and thin was no longer in, i bet people would be lining up at McDonald’s 27/4 to get the perfect ‘curvy figure’.
    still i think if the media didn’t obsess about how good it is to be thin we wouldn’t have all of those millions of anorexic girls and boys who want be fashionable in the first place.

  2. i strive to remain thin(ner) because i feel it suits me better, and it was a personal decision. while i agree with Karl L., i feel that ultimately, it’s still a very personal choice. like my sister is two to three sizes bigger than me but she still remains to be the fashionable self that she is, and she doesn’t give a damn about it.

  3. Aldous Wright

    Fashion is life. It’s the biggest life changing decision I’ve ever made. I nearly lost a person and now I can wear my little brother’s pair of shorts. Funny how fashion took the acne out of me.

  4. wannabe

    appealing to people’s insecurities– that’s how most beauty and fashion products are marketed and it works. maybe for a lot of people losing weight is all about vanity but once they reach their goal, they realize that they did themselves a favor by adding more years to their lifespan and social circle. if some proud mommas want to hold on to their healthy curves, then there a lot of fashion lines that cater to that market.

  5. BoozeInMyBlood[Faith]

    while it is unusual to hear my beloved BB talking this way, I completely understand what you are saying. I find many ’rounder’ women to be fucking gorgeous, but personally, for me, since i am only 5 feet tall, i prefer to be thinner. Everything looks heavier on my frame. But i will never say that someone is unattractive because they are curvier than me. Most all of the women i have been with have been curvy, meanwhile, i fucking hate being even 4 pounds over 100.
    i like to think that people can think for themselves, regardless how into the fashion industry they are.
    Take Beth Ditto for example. Papa Karl was showering her with affection a month or so ago, i wonder if he would tell her anything along these lines.

  6. BoozeInMyBlood[Faith]

    Well, since anorexia and bulimia are all in your head [i speak as someone dealing with an eating disorder] and you never really see yourself how you look to other people, i will have to respectfully disagree.
    While SOME people may be affected by the fashion industry, there are plenty of people who just want to be thin and dont realize that they are in the throes of an eating disorder and it has nothing to fucking do with being ‘fashionable’.
    One of my favorite books about living and surviving ED is called ‘wasted’ by Marya Horbacher [the last name may be misspelled]. She is brilliant, and intelligent and spares no detail describing her mind frame while living with an incredibly strong ED. I would advise anyone who wants to learn about the subject to check it out.

  7. i know i’ve read that book and its one of my favorites.
    i understand than not every eating disorder is affected by the fashion world, but there wouldnt be a need to be thin if the media didnt keep shooting thin images at us as being perfect.

  8. lowell

    oh! now chanel should open their mcdonalds counterpart. i love this post to death.

  9. The idea that you should be thin is just another one of those anxiety inducing pressures that makes people do things like eat for momentary satisfaction. It’s very simple: I feel stressed, I eat some chocolate, now I’m not stressed. Bingo. I think that in this case there are plenty of people who are motivated to try towards the ideal but fall into the trap because they’re stressed about it.
    Tout it as a motivating factor all you want, but I think the real answer is to help people prevent stress in their lives and provide other outlets for pleasure and stress reduction when it does happen.

  10. AMEN
    totally agree with you…
    I need to lose some weight..

  11. little j

    I loved that book (Wasted, Marya Hornbacher) but her twisted fascination for eating disorders scared me.
    And thinspired me as well, though I guess some people on here aren’t ana, are they?
    Even bryanboy can be, like, thinspiration.

  12. Elizabeth

    I believe too many people blame the fashion industry. Who wants to see an overweight woman modeling swimwear? Not me! Slimmer people make clothing appear more attractive, period! That being said, I do think that curvier women are sexier… I myself have a slim frame and wide hips. That is, after all, what used to appeal to men due to the fact that women with more “meat on their bones” are better candidates for reproduction.
    If the fashion industry would showcase obese women would the public suddenly gobble down a ton of calories? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I like seeing slim women w/ no breasts or butts on the runway but that doesn’t take away from the fact that they look like premature boys.
    Americans need to stop pointing fingers at the fashion world for their insecurities. If you’re fat, hit the gym and get on a diet! Afterward wear whatever you see fit, despite of what the fashion world claims is in-style and you will find that ANYTHING you wear will look great on your slim figure.

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