Karl Lagerfeld Speaks of the Truth

Amen Uncle Karl, amen. You know, if I didn't obsess about fashion that much I probably would've let myself go a long time ago.

Karl Lagerfeld quote about weight.

As much as I agree with good ol' Uncle Karl, don't you think this sort of message sends out the wrong (ok, maybe not wrong but confusing) signal out there? It's funny how the fashion industry are quick to distance themselves from any eating disorder hullabaloo, especially when people discuss about the link between fashion magazines and anorexia yet here you have one of the world's most iconic tastemakers influencing people to use fashion as a motivation to cut back on the calories.

It's true though. Majority of people want to lose weight simply because of aesthetic reasons. What else is there to motivate oneself to lose weight?
Health? If health was a concern, no one would overeat themselves in the
first place. What, do you really think the obese Midwestern American housewife would stop overeating one day just because she wants to? I doubt it. People want to lose weight because they want to feel beautiful. They want to be fashionable. They want to be accepted. Society's perception of beauty has been altered over the years (thanks to the media) positioning those who are trim and slim to be on top of the beauty chain. Because of this, people who are on the heavier side of the scale are pressured by others to try to fit into this 'ideal'.

What do you all think? I think I'm talking nonsense.