Vogue Shoe Closet

Written By bryanboy

Vogue Shoe Closet.

This shoe closet belongs to one of my favourite Vogue staffers. Can you guess who?

Vogue Shoe Closet

Oh and if you answered Julia Restoin-Roitfeld on last week’s poll, you got it right!

No cheating, mmkay? I want you to trust your instinct.
(When I say cheating, I meant no looking it up on internet sites for the answers…)

You can look it up I guess but only after you cast your vote.

photo credits: the selby


  1. a.m.a.n.d.a

    yes. she works for harper’s bazaar.
    that’s a “filler” option IMO

  2. Vermine

    More like anyone who reads The Selby can answer those quizz.

  3. cortidottir

    I already seen this at a blog and remembered that it’s ___________’s shoe closet.

  4. Prêt-à-Porter P

    a few i could rule out since they are staff of other magazines, one is a male, and well i cant imagine anna’s would look like that.

  5. misslikey

    let’s see..its not my favorite Mr hamish definitely. Must be SI…hilarious
    No moi is pretty sure its Kkkkkatie
    love bb

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