Hermes Crocodile Birkin 35cm Pelouse

Written By bryanboy

Hermès Porosus Crocodile Birkin 35cm Pelouse

As someone who is obsessed with fashion, I (try to) understand why some pieces cost they way they do: exclusivity, fine attention to details, luxurious materials, impeccable tailoring, exquisite craftsmanship, so on and so forth.

Now. I love Hermès and all but I have never, ever, EVER seen anything as outrageous as THIS in my entire life. Ladies and gays, meet the US$97,000 (NINETY SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLAR) crocodile Hermès Birkin bag.

Hermes Crocodile Birkin Bag 35cm Pelouse color

Click HERE for more eye-popping extravaganza.

OK I lied. I think I saw a croc Birkin up for auction at Doyle New York a long, long time ago for much less than that but it has diamonds in it.

I know it’s crocodile and yes, I know it’s an Hermès Birkin, but come on.

Why do I find the price point outrageous other than the fact that it doesn’t even have precious stones in it?

I dunno, just think of what one could do with $97,000.

I, knowing that I probably would NEVER have the chance to know what it’s like to have 97 grand in this lifetime (ok… ninety seven cents, yes), would probably:

  • buy a gorgeous, well-endowed husband from the Baltics
  • adopt six kids of different nationality and colour
  • buy a pick up truck
  • buy a whopping 41 acres of land in the glorious, exotic American town of Houlton, Maine (where gay marriage is now allowed) for the bargain price of US$19,800
  • buy a horse named Lily
  • buy a dog named Fifi
  • buy a cat named Pipi
  • buy a naked houseboy named Kiki.

I betcha my brown ass I’d still have plenty of change left.

After a year, I’ll sell the whole lot (husband, kids, house and pets) on eBay and I’d prolly get triple or quadruple my investment.

Enough daydreaming. Ninety seven thousand dollars? You’ve got to be kidding me.

Just sayin’.

photo credit: ebay


  1. jams!

    oh gosh.. who’s gonna buy that?! i can buy a car and a condo unit with that price here! and there’s still enough money for shopping! gosh..

  2. Randall

    For reals. Please invite me and my hubby over for tea in Maine before you sell the fantasy lot. We’ll invent a Birkin Croc Verde Cocktail for the occasion.

  3. guest

    Lily, Fifi, Pipi, and Kiki. i LOL’ed on that one. Though I should really consider NOT selling Kiki, He (or it) is a necessity. Ahh. What I would do for a Birkin. But I think the Birkin is a bit too weird for me now. If I had that 97 grand or whatever, I would probably buy the whole House of Chanel.

  4. portia

    can i buy the husband from the baltics after a year? haha

  5. guest

    In reply to BB:
    I know! But…who said anything about buying? ;)

  6. This post made my day!(not because of the price). I live in one of Baltic countries (Lithuania), so, i guess that buying a well-endowed husband from Baltics would be cheaper than 97.000 :)

  7. Note this is an inflated reseller price which has a profit built in and ebay fees and probably a finders fee to likely a VIP Hermes customer to be able to be one of the few people offered one of these rare bags in the first place. In store purchasing this bag directly from the boutique (if you ever can get them to sell you one) it would be closer to $40k USD (at current pricing…the price goes up several thousand each year making it one investment that has done better than my stock portfolio if you managed to buy one a few years ago at half the price). There is a limited supply as they only use the most perfect skins and apparantly the crocs that supply them are becoming harder to find. It is kind of like finding 4 carat or larger stone natural diamonds that are flawless…it is getting harder to find these so the value goes up…never down…even on a used one.

  8. H shiny croc Birkins retails for roughly $37000USD for the 35cm size. However, that is a rare, hard to get color. Probably the reason for the slit-your-wrist rip off price by the seller.

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