1. RitaM

    haha i can read russian, so c’est facile :)
    but the photo is truly stunning but ultra-different!

  2. Glitzy_Rebel

    It actually says on the pic “Snejana Onopko” (for some reason with “O” at the end), so it wasn’t really hard to guess ;)

  3. LOL at the Chanel Iman option!! anuvah BB you’re so funny!

  4. Cortlyn

    it helps if you can read cyrillic. that does not look like her at all though.
    she looks primo mail-order bride in that picture.

  5. you can already make out the name just with the letters.
    chanel iman??? so random hahahaha

  6. Alloura

    WOW. She had to lose so much weight to become the cold beauty she was for a few seasons.

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