Flights of Stairs

Written By bryanboy

Flights of Stairs

I went to the hospital earlier this afternoon for a doctor check-up and a dental appointment. Might as well hit a few birds with one stone. I took the stairs to go six floors up (and down) rather than wait 10 years for the elevators. Exercise is always good.

I saw this woman stranger smile at me on my way up. She looked like a nice person. I dunno if she recognized me or she just smiled at a random faggot taking vids of himself go up the stairs. LOL.



  1. a.see

    Bryan i think i saw you there. But i was so nervous with my HIV test. hahaha. i should have said hello ;) ciao

  2. keith

    You’re right about the elevators at Asian Hospital; last time I was there, I had to change my appointment to the Geriatrics department after waiting several years for the elevator.

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