Flirting with Famous Weekly Australia

Written By bryanboy

Flirting with Famous

The girls over at top celebrity weekly Famous down in Australia sent me a lovely shout out. Aren’t they pretty? Thank you gals — it’s always nice to wake up to emails with attachments like this on my inbox.

Famous Weekly Magazine Australia

Woohoo! This totally made my day. I really do love them Aussies. They rock!


  1. a.m.a.n.d.a

    the girl in the middle is stunning. i love her hair.

  2. Kasia

    Beautiful girls! That was so nice of them. I don’t live in Australia, but I would love to read FAMOUS because of this. :)

  3. jessie

    ohh i ued to work in advertising production on this mag i left in feb to move to melb for uni! i miss it! :( love ure blog also, minus the pretty sign hehe xx

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