Fake J12 Watch by Tom Binns at Colette Paris

Written By bryanboy

Fake J12 Watch by Tom Binns

Sold at the ultramega Parisian institution of cool Colette for the Bargain Binn price of 58 euros, tell me my dear readers, how does this fake J12 watch by Tom Binns make you feel?

Fake J12 watch by Tom Binns sold at Colette

photo credit: colette


  1. plast!c

    Is really shitxoxo By the way is better a low-cost watch than a fake (I guess!)

  2. LuxeLust

    this makes me hurt on the inside :(
    its no better than getting a fake on Canal St. just because Colette is selling it doesn’t make it OK.

  3. Fake is tacky by default but faking an ugly piece of pretentious bling is a disturbing crime.

  4. junie

    Bryan I’m watching Miuccia Prada on CNN Talkasia right now…she also did an interview with Donatella previously…go go go…check it out!

  5. i think its funny that he crossed out chanel and wrote his name. dont think its suppose to be taken seriously.

  6. lowell

    i don’t get this post at all, i’m so slow when it comes to watches.hehe.who made the watch? and if it were fake why collette is selling it?

  7. Jennifer Jewels

    As a fellow fashion connoisseur, I have to say that according to me, Tom Binn’s can do no wrong. Note to Tom: Make an identical one with rubies around the face.

  8. I just bought the VOID, or I just got it as a christmas gift. And you cant even see the time, there is no way to light up the digits at all. Beautiful and all, but I think something must be wrong with mine, if I compare to the images at their site.

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