Dolce & Gabbana shows some love

Written By bryanboy

Dolce & Gabbana shows some love

Mama mia! The super sexy, swishy and swanky folks over at Dolce & Gabbana’s digital arm (SWIDE) celebrates their favourite bloggers. Earlier this week they’ve featured Kitsune Noir and Melanie Crété.

Today there’s ickle ol’ me.

Bryanboy at Dolce & Gabbana Swide

Wow wow wow! I had lots of fun answering their questions. Click HERE to read the full interview. Maybe you’ll learn a trick or two from this old pony. Haah! Enjoy! ;)

It truly is amazing how prestigious (and ginormous) fashion houses are supporting bloggers. Thank you thank you thank you, Dolce & Gabbana and Swide! I look forward to reading more profiles.


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  1. keitai

    wow! congrats!

    I just read the interview…so interesting
    I really admire your work! :)

  2. houngie

    congrats! you’re one of my favorite fashion bloggers:0)

  3. joanne

    good read. learned a lot about blogging =) love your site BB

  4. Very nice =] Other than Perez yours the only blog I religiously read… It’s strange I started reading your blog years ago and then I stopped for a while but now I’ve been back for a few months clicking on your bookmark 5 times a day xD I am a member of BBholics-anonymous.

  5. ashlee

    I love that you admit you spend about 16 hrs/day online and now trying to leave home without your computer. It’s addicting, not sure if there is Internets Anonymous yet.

  6. Ambuklao Ford Fleming

    Tanti auguri, i migliori auguri!!!

  7. Bernice♥

    Droooling..wish a had a chance like that:)Anyways Thanks for uhhh “Awakening” the inner power in me bryan,Now i got more than 100 clothing designs.

    So keep inspiring and thinspiring people with the Force?(lol sounded so star wars)lol.the pics never gets old and uhh you should have a BIGGER PHOTO GALLERY HERE:(we might miss your ass!:P

  8. “Always keep in mind that your blog is NOT you but an extension of you.”
    -that’s a really really good advice!

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