Weekend Wrap: Chanel Fiole Concept Car, Christian Lacroix Bankrupt

How's your weekend going? Good? Good.

  • What a sad, sad week for fashion. Veronique Branquinho went under and
    Christian Lacroix is bankrupt. I hope they come up with a solution for
    Lacroix. The world needs more true blue French designers. Hello –
    Vuitton is spearheaded by an American, there's a German at Chanel,
    Brits at Christian Dior and Chloé, Italians at Yves Saint Laurent and
    Givenchy, a Moroccan/Israeli at Lanvin, the list goes on and on.
    Nicolas Ghesquière and Christophe Decarnin super power wonder French
    twins activate! I'm calling upon the powers of Sonia Rykiel to please
    help us all! [blackbook]
  • HYSTERICAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [omgblog]
  • What da hale? I don't go to Vogue.com very often (be honest now — do YOU??) so I'm so totally behind. My beloved Hamish Bowles (who never ages) is now a blogger! [hamishsphere via fashionista]
  • Icelandic superstar Bjork is on the cover of Interview magazine. [frillr]
  • Project Runway returns to Manhattan. [racked]
  • I'm obsessed with this Alexander McQueen jacket. Need. N-E-E-D! [net-a-porter]
  • When it comes to June magazine cover personalities, Taurus and Virgos rule! [astrocrack]
  • Even if I had the money, which I don't, I wouldn't buy the Hermès or
    the Fendi bicycles (in spite of them being absolutely gorgeous) because
    the humid weather in the Philippines is crap. What are your thoughts on
    the Chanel Fiole concept car? I'm four hundred years old and I still
    don't know how to drive. [sassybella]