Balmain Paris HairXpression Hair Extensions

Written By bryanboy

HairXpression by Balmain Paris Hair Extensions

I didn’t believe my tranny friend in NY when she told me last night that her hair extensions are from Balmain. I thought she was bullshitting at first. There is nothing worse than a queen fiddlin’ with yo’ feelings.

She was serious afterall.

Balmain Hair Extensions by HairXPressions.

Click HERE and look up “Balmain” on the search box. You’ll uncover MOAR! God I love them licensing deals. Pierre Cardin is dat chu?

Now you too my dear laydee friends can buy Balmain without breaking the bank.

Consider this as your queen-to-queen tip of the day.

Coming up next, Tyra Chops and I will teach you how to smile wit cho eyez!

photo credits: shoebuy & bagbuy


  1. Hair extensions are really fugly up close. They look like dead shit clumping to your natural hair. I always notice them and really hate them. The human hair ones are even worse. The thought of having dead body parts of another woman/man hanging off my head gives me the chills.

  2. i<3bryanboy



  3. Hapsical Blog

    ahahaha LOVE it – thanks so much for uncovering/sharing

  4. Montana Muller

    The hairXpression collection is not human hair on purpose. The hair is of very high quality, like everything Balmain makes, and it is called “Memory Hair”. It is the most sophisticated not human hair in the work as it can be styled with heat and it keeps its shape even under the worse weather conditions. So you never get the freeze and the color never fades as it is non porous. This collection is very natural as it has a scalloped edge and you can not see where it clips to the hair. The great Balmain brand at affordable prices.

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