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Anna Wintour on 60 Minutes Video

My love for Anna Wintour was reinforced, thanks to her feature on last night’s 60 Minutes. I would love to embed the video but CBS has a bloody problem with autoplay. I tried to modify the code by disabling it but it didn’t work for some strange reason.

Anna Wintour 60 Minutes CBS. Watch video online.

There are two things I dislike about this feature. First, I don’t like how Morley somewhat made a mockery out of the characters in fashion. Was it REALLY necessary to point out the outsider’s view of the fashion world? I found it so offensive how he used terms such as “part rocky horror show” (cue Gareth Pugh), “clothes fit for a cadaver” and “campy followers” (cue the iconic Anna Piaggi). It’s funny alright but I don’t think he’s doing the industry a favour by mocking them. I’m sure he could do a better job making the American public understand what the industry is about: to inspire, to dress outside your comfort zone, to think outside the box, to express ourselves creatively…

Second — I find it so tedious that the media ALWAYS, ALWAYS references The Devil Wears Prada when doing something on Anna. So a former Vogue staffer wrote a book based on her experiences and the movie became a hit, yes. But any Editor, or boss for that matter, could be as (or even be MORE) demanding or hardcore as the character portrayed. Can’t Anna get a reprieve for a change?

Anyway, I think I’m alone in saying this but I really do have this voice at the back of my head that says Anna is truly a nice person. She may look tough on the outside (as part of her job) but in reality, I’m sure she’s a real softie. Again, maybe it’s just me. What do y’all think?

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And Emily?

That’s all.


  1. Love Anna! If looks could kill Morley would be laying on the floor with a dagger through his heart1?!?

  2. I flock to your blog because of your honest opinion/take on the fashion industry. You’re words are very true and I commend you for that. Although American Vogue is not my favorite book in the industry, I respect Anna’s desire to promote and discover new and up-coming designers. Her passion for the book and the industry is what drives American Vogue to be the most desired book to be featured in. They may not have the most provocative or avant-garde pictorials, but they are very consistent in their delivery of the true image and story behind each collection.

  3. Aldous

    Mores: “What bores you?”
    Anna: “Mediocrity.”
    Amen Anna Wintour.

  4. julian

    I think you are a fashion whore. Are you planning to get to AW the same way you suck your way to Marc Jacobs?

  5. love her devious little smile. Thankyou for embedding this BB, this was the best fun I had all day haha. My favourite quote to take away from this is “mediocrity angers me”

  6. Gen Sven

    What does that make you? The cumrag in the clearance bin? Geez… what a hater. And nothing to claim on either. You don’t have a designer bag named after you, do you?
    Envy is unhealthy!

  7. VaJayJay

    I find it ironic that you found Morley Safer’s commentary “so offensive.” Considering that a few posts back yo referred to Michael Jackson as Wacko Jacko. That is a term the media gave him and he has expressed his displeasure and offense towrad that word. Journalist like Morley Safer gave him that name so please don’t contradict yourself!

  8. Why did he say that Karl Lagerfeld was going for the “dracula look” this season? WTF?

  9. Two rebuttals concerning your complaints regarding the “60 Minute” feature on Vogue editor Anna Wintour:
    One: I don’t think Morley Safer offered a mockery of fashion’s prominent figures. Rather, he offered a badly needed critical eye to some of fashion’s rather indulgent proclivities and personalities. I think fashion is much better off when a journalist (like Morley Safer) can offer some badly needed questions regarding the behaviours within the fashion world.
    Two: To reference comparisons of Anna Wintour to the editor character in “Devil Wears Prada” is to follow the natural line of inquiry. Many individuals want to know if the stories concerning Anna’s frostiness and demanding behaviour has merit, and when Mr. Safer had a chance to question the rather elusive Anna Wintour about it, he’s going to pursue those questions. What’s ironic is that you happen to use catchphrases like “And Emily? That’s all.” popularized by the film!
    I like your blog for its rather irreverent view of fashion, especially when you checked the pricing of Hermes goods around the world. However, in a media system where fashion journalism amounts to printing out a press release with absolutely no critical thought, “60 Minutes” did its job.

  10. joelplastiique

    I found that rather offensive, the same as saying that Galliano is in need of a better tailor, HE’S GALLIANO.
    that’s all.

  11. Dekota

    Anna is just misunderstood. And the old fart who did the interview knows nothing about fashion and is a joke. LEAVE ANNA ALONE!

  12. rnssnc

    ppl in general are judgemental, just because someone dont talk dont smile dont whatever… no one intrinsically are bad to ppl they love and care, i believe anna wintour is as lovable as your best friend, if you can get in on her circle.
    what she said is perfectly correct, she’s there to work, not have fun with you. that’s her job. karl lagerfeld seems to have the same sort of reputation, and yet, watch lagerfeld confidential, and you’ll find an incredibly creative intelligent man that is so endearing.

  13. Chelsea

    I also have a little voice in my head telling me that Anna Wintour is genuinely a nice person. I definitely admire her work ethic and success, though US Vogue isn’t always my first choice.

  14. franny

    I dont know if it is BrianBoy naivetĂ©, lack of observation capacities or, as another comment pointed out, cock sucking…but Ms Wintour looks in that video exactly like the megabich she is supposed to be

  15. what bothers me about Anna (and I’m not even going into that horrible, outdated fur industry issue) is the fact that Vogue very seldom features colored-skin people on the covers, especially the stars. I really don’t know what to make of it but taking into account the fur thing I’m fearing the worst. (hint: colonialist, superior-human attitude)

  16. I found it so offensive how he used terms such as “part rocky horror show” (cue Gareth Pugh), “clothes fit for a cadaver” and “campy followers” (cue the iconic Anna Piaggi).
    You know, while you may not have liked Morley’s criticisms of the industry, he was actually spot on with them. Also, as a journalist, it’s really not his job to promote the fashion industry. It has PR people for that.
    Honestly, his comments had me laughing out loud. And, I love fashion just as much as anyone else here. Particularly the one about Karl Lagerfeld looking like Dracula. LOL! While Karl does beautiful work, he has been looking like some odd caricature of himself for the last few years now. Seriously!
    A lot of times designers, stylists and fashionistas do take things way too far and themselves way too seriously. And, somebody needs to pull us back down to Earth on occasion. Morley did a good job of that!

  17. Emma, that lack of people of colour featuring in Western fashion magazines is actually pretty typical, unfortunately. It’s like we don’t exist in these places. About the only thing I feel we can do to combat this situation is to start our own blogs and magazines and feature what we want to see. We can’t count on the white Western controlled media to do this for us.;)

  18. Boo-tay

    Finances permitting, I’d hire the services of Galliano’s tailor anyday. Monsieur Arnaud has the elan of a store dummy at a funeral.

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