Aliona Doletskaya on CNN! [video]

Written By bryanboy

Aliona Doletskaya on CNN!

It’s not just Anna Wintour racking up precious television airtime but my beloved Aliona Doletskaya (Russian Vogue Editor-in-Chief) is on CNN!

I’m not 100% sure about this but a friend who is a stylist told me that as far as circulation count is concerned, Vogue Russia is one of the top three, beating Vogue Paris and Vogue Italia. The other two are British and the American editions.



  1. Randall

    She is such a very exciting person. Sadly the video isn’t showing for me (US?) says the content is blocked in my country :(

  2. Vogue India less than a 100000
    French Vogue: about 133 00
    Vogue Italia: 150 000
    Vogue RUssia: 200,000
    VOgue CHina: some estimates say 150000 some say as high as 300000
    Vogue UK : 220 000
    AMerican Vogue: 1.2 million!!!!!
    Vogue Russia really has grown in such a short time

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