A Trip to Theodore's

Written By bryanboy

A Trip to Theodore’s

When it rains, it pours. We had a storm here in the Philippines this week but the rain didn’t stop me from getting out of the house. I have so much work on my plate at the moment if I don’t dedicate a whole day to myself then who knows when I’m able to accommodate basic necessities in life such as getting a haircut.

Theodore's Store Denim Markdown Event

Before going to a shoot in the afternoon, I popped by the store Theodore’s where they’re having a huge denim markdown sale going on. Get any two pairs of jeans from their stock for about P6995 (roughly around $150) for both pairs. I thought it was a good deal. I think it was last year when I enforced a personal policy of not paying more than a hundred bucks for a pair of jeans. That’s why I love Cheap Monday. I mean come on, it’s denim!  Also, I get more compliments from people around the world when I wear my cheap-ass jeans. You know those black jeans I ripped using a box cutter? $20 from Folded & Hung!

Anyway, click click click!

I struck gold when I found a pair of these dark gray Miss Sixty tapered skinny jeans with a zip. I immediately thought of “Balmain DIY project” when I saw them. Latex gloves and a bottle of bleach here we come…

As for the other pair, I got a classic “plain jane” skinny jean from Degaine. Original retail price on the tag? About $310. Got it for around $75 — half of the “$150 for 2 jeans” offer. Yippee!

There are so many brands and styles available. The markdown sale has been going on for a few days now and the good stuff are probably gone. I still think it’s worth paying a visit if you haven’t been there yet.


  1. Nice scores! Can’t wait to see the DIY results. I know you’ll work it.
    And oh God, how much do I want to stroke that Jeremy Scott hoodie??! Droooool

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