Yves Saint Laurent 1992 Documentary – The Look

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Yves Saint Laurent 1992 Documentary

There’s Lagerfeld Confidential. There’s also Signe Chanel and the Marc Jacobs x Louis Vuitton documentary by Loic Prigent. But have you seen the documentary produced in 1992 (yes, that’s seventeen years ago — I was two years old) about Yves Saint Laurent’s extraordinary, colourful and dramatic life? It’s a must for any fashion lover out there.

If you do not watch this emotional and tear-jerking film in its entirety now or later, I have one thing to say: YOU. ARE. DEAD. TO. ME.

And yes, I love you Suzy Menkes!!

“While other little boys played with tin soldiers, Yves busied himself with paper dolls. Ridiculed by schoolmates, the delicate child swore that one day that he would be famous. At the age of 18, indications of things to come: first prize at a sponsored Parisian fashion competition beating the 19 year old Karl Lagerfeld into second place where some would say he has remained.”

Click click click!

I have so many things going on in my head right now I don’t even know where to begin so I’ll keep my thoughts to myself. Seriously… it’s just amazing how the whole fashion industry was so different back then to what it is now. Just watch the film and tell me what you think.

“Before I started doing the collections, he was a big name to me and I was really excited to see an Yves Saint Laurent show and then I was so disappointed when I actually saw one because it’s a big crush. You go in there, you sit down and then this girl walks on in what looks like Simplicity Patterns 1976. And you have this running order and it’s pages and pages long. And over this sort of loud speaker, somebody says number 1, numero une. and then she walks down on her own and she walks back — and that’s taken a long forever because it’s a long catwalk — and then you’d flick through and you realize you have 173 outfits to see. ”


That’s all.


  1. 1992?! the documentary is as old as i am. thanks for posting, i’ll definately be watching :)

  2. I’ve just watched parts 1 and 2, it’s amazing.. will definitely watch the rest when I have time later.
    Maybe it’s just because we tend to look back with a rose tinted view, but fashion seemed so different back then.. so much more passion, emotion.. it would seem as if Yves Saint Laurent shows routinely conjured up far more of these feelings than anything does today.. quite extraordinary and totally amazing. I can think of few recent collections which have generated the frisson and excitement that YSL’s seemed to.
    I wonder if people at the time realised just how important YSL was going to turn out to be for 20th Century fashion.. is that why we see nobody like him at the moment (because you don’t realise the importance until the moment has passed) or was he a rare genius on a completely different level to what is happening at the moment?
    And yes, I love Suzy Menkes too – she’s hardly changed since 1992!

  3. I haven’t watched it yet, but that quote you posted from the film is amazing. I can’t wait! I’ll definitely watch it tomorrow. :D

  4. Reichen

    does anyone knw the name of the song played in Part 6 2:40-3:00???

  5. does anyone know who plays the song while robert merloz part takes place? +- min 1:00 onwwards…

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