US Vogue May 2009 Cover – The Faces of the Moment by Steven Meisel

Written By bryanboy

US Vogue May 2009 Cover

OMG STUNNING! The highly-anticipated May 2009 cover of American Vogue featuring models is out. It’s so huge I had to resize it. The front cover went to two of Anna’s favourite old pets, Liya Kebede
and Natalia Vodianova and *shock* Anna Jagodzinska, who came in as a
surprise. Congratulations to HER!

scan credit: luxx via tfs


  1. Has an Asian woman ever been on the cover of American Vogue?
    Good for Vogue for featuring African American cover subjects; let’s see if they can diversify their subjects even further and be consistent.

  2. Yeah, I ask the same question as Emmy… Du Juan would make a lovely cover model! Or Liu Wen…or Tao Okamoto…even MORE diversity, please!
    I was pleased to find that American Vogue is finally featuring models in their cover but I wasn’t so satisfied with the picture…boring! and odd…how the Natalia, Liya, and Anna are bunched up uncomfortably in the left and the rest of the models are on the right… that gap in the middle of the fold-out is hard to miss. It makes me thing “shouldn’t there be another model there?!?”

  3. caroline, natasha, and lara are the best in the photo.while liya, isabeli, and natalia should be shot.they’re old already.
    toni gaarn should be there.she’s my new favorite.and why no caroline trentini?is it because she’s now “fat”.

  4. It is nice to see models on the cover again, but as someone said above, the shot itself seems uninspired. Oh well, I guess they know we’ll all still buy it…

  5. `yanee_fashionee

    the only shots that I liked are of Natasha’s & Lara’s.:)
    r u kidding me with Anna Jagodzinska on the front cover?! and Natasha Poly just on the PULL-OUT cover?! seriously.
    what is up with this line-up?! whatever happened to Magdalena Frackowiak, Snejana Onopka, Sasha Pivovarova, Anja Rubik, Lily D,…I could go on & on& on!!

    Half the models there are DATED.
    Anna J was well played coz she’s a breakout star but Natalia V? Isn’t she an ancient relic? She’s ALWAYS on model covers (August 2007 solo and September 2004 group).

  7. first of all lucys right- du juan is the prettiest asian model at the moment.
    and i agree, natasha poly is probably the best one in the bunch.. but i also adore isabeli and natalia! theyre beautiful.
    but also too bad we dont see lily d. here…
    or jessica stam :S what happened to her?

  8. well as what they say on Natasha’s TFS thread and on MDC, its still great that Natasha is the last girl just like she is closing the show and leaving a strong impression but, i think that Natasha should be on Anna Js spot

  9. You’re right! There’s not a single American model on there, ironic. And hm… I haven’t really heard of any of these models EXCEPT Natasha Poly (possibly my lack of knowledge of the modeling world…) I do know Ali Stephens & Chanel Imann, what about them? I thought they were becoming pretty huge…

  10. Yup, it’s about time they put models in the cover again.
    I’m tired of them using actresses. You know, I’d love to see more of Charo Ronquillo. I think she’s the most good looking out of the asian models. By the way, has anyone been watching “Make me a supermodel” Season 2?
    Jenny Shimizu looks great!

  11. I absolutely will buy this issue but Liya Kebede,Natalia V. Isabeli Fontana are a little bit veterans in the modelling world. Although I know many models I’ve never heard or recognized Anna J. I think Lily D.,Anja Rubik,Coco Rocha, Eniko Mihalik, Tony Garn, Sasha P. were more deserve to be on the cover than Anna.Natasha Poly is the best for me in the cover, I love her :)

  12. Anna J. doesn’t deserve the cover spot. She’s not even remarkable. Yes she has campaigns but she’s just like every eastern european blond clone out there.

  13. The cover is flawless! I am SO happy for Jourdan and Raquel!! I would’ve liked to have seen Sessilee or Karlie representing the American girls (since this is American Vogue). However, the cover is so amazing. I am so happy. I wouldn’t have chosen Caroline to be on the cover again, but, I am happy for her. :)

  14. sad to say, but i dont like the other models.. they’re too…. hmm.. i dunno.. but really! and yes! anna j? wow.. natasha, raquel and caroline and lara a bit are mostly expected, the rest… not. sorry.

  15. where’s lily donaldson? she’s a bigger star than half those freaks

  16. Can not wait to receive this issue of Vogue. It’s so refreshing to see models instead of the same overdone celebs. All of these girls deserve it.

  17. With the exception of Jourdan being WAY too re-touched, I think it’s beautiful!

  18. Theresa

    I like this Vogue cover.I’m anxious to buy it.I would have liked to seen my favorite model Doutzen Kroes on the cover.It is so nice to see a group of models on the cover.Fashion magazines please take note that actresses are just not the same as fashion models.Please put more models on the covers.

  19. matthew S

    Jourdan looks way photoshopped! the rest of the models are fabulous. However, I’d like to see Doutzen Kroes on the front cover. ;-)
    Im still gonna get this edition though, superb!

  20. Yes! Gotta love american vogue when they actually do it right, THEY DO IT RIGHT!!!
    And I defo agree, it is nice to see models, nit just celebs on the cover!

  21. finally! a US Vogue cover featuring models! BB’s right, gotta buy one, it would take a long time before they get featured again.
    I agree, Du Juan should also be on the US Vogue cover, or Ai Tominaga. Liu Wen or Mo Wandan should be there as well.
    I also agree that celebrities don’t fare well with fashion models when it comes to magazine covers. Celebrities arent meant to evoke the fantasy fashion models do whether they’re on the runway or shooting editorials or even ad campaigns. It just is.

  22. I agree, ssoo looking forward for it to hit third world stand! It’s one of those rare times that I’ll be reading US Vogue, hee..I’d love to see Chanel Iman, Gemma Ward, Doutzen Kroes & Ai Tominaga on that cover..

  23. anna J is extraordinary thats why she got THE cover!!!!!natasha poly is soooooooooooooo boring! JUST another fake blonde…anna J is most exciting from the bunch

  24. I really feel like the more current actual faces of the moment were totally missed out. What happened to sasha pivovarova, karlie kloss, anna selezneva *my personal favourite, she is AMAZING*, Lily donaldson, daria werbowy, anja rubik and Jessica Stam?? I just think that the cover would have been so much better had it been covered in the new high class models of the day rather than some who have been around for years..

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