Smack the Pony

Written By bryanboy

Smack the Pony

In all these years of me thinking Absolutely Fabulous was the best thing that came out of British television, I can’t believe nobody told me about Smack the Pony, an old Brit sitcom featuring hysterical skits. I only found out about it today from a Polish person of all people.



  1. i just signed you at the Tyra Banks Show. :)hopefully they call you u up!

  2. Oh gods… Smack the Pony. I used to watch this, drunk, with my friends a couple of years ago. Being young & Romanian & bored does funny things to the headz. We even had ‘STP moments’ randomly, though by some coincidence also while drunk, and we laughed about them like discrete hyenas. No one else got the point. This car sketch was a particular favourite. It makes me feel old & I’m only 19. Good times.

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