Shambolic Weekend

Written By bryanboy

Shambolic Weekend

I'm now paying for my sins. I could barely walk around because my legs are still sore after Friday's web cam extravaganza. I honestly have no idea what possessed me to down two bottles of wine in front of the computer the other night but I sure had fun entertaining you guys. My reader Faith sent me some of these screenshots.

Now I know I have a second career in the event I retire from blogging. OMG WEB CAM HO PAY PER VIEW! Just kidding. Thanks guys for watching! Stickam said I had 13,106 live viewers to date. Wow!

It's funny cause I even got suspended by the stickam moderator for an hour which prompted me to run to the convenience store to buy – gasp – fried chicken. AT 3 IN THE BLOODY MORNING. Oh and thanks to the ferocious Rachel Clark who made a cameo appearance. It's nice to see you on cam gurl.

As promised, here's the tracklist of some of the songs I played.

  • Heidi Montag – Look How I'm Doing
  • Frankmusik – Better Off As Two
  • The Whitest Boy Alive – Golden Cage (Fred Falke Remix)
  • Lanvin Spring/Summer 2009 soundtrack
  • Friendly Fires – Jump In the Pool
  • Chic – Everybody Dance
  • Crystal Castles – Crimewave (Lazrtag Remix)
  • Towa Tei – Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (feat. Mitsuko Koike)
  • Holy Hail – Born of a Star (Shir Khan Remix)
  • Friendly Fires – Skeleton Boy
  • Van She – Kelly
  • Ladyhawke – Back Of the Van (Fred Falke Ultimate Beverly Remix)
  • Cut Copy – Saturdays

It's early Monday morning here (5:02AM) and all I'm gonna do later is stay in bed the WHOLE day. My legs. My poor, poor legs.

I love you all!


  1. Nice playlist! Friendly Fires was supposed to play at my school but they ditched us for Carson Daly…boooo! but yay, I see lots of Coachella 2009 performers!

  2. BoozeInMyBlood[Faith]

    AAH! BB posted my pics! Glad you liked them hun, cant wait for next time!

  3. i popped by for a while when you were playing friendly fires and thought: not only BB’s got great taste in fashion, but music too! and know i wish i’d stayed a bit longer so i could have seen your wig fun haha.

  4. You kept me thoroughly entertained while I was being an insomniac x

  5. Glitzy_Rebel

    Hi Bryanboy!
    I really liked the dress/shirt you had there, especially asymmetric shoulders! I want it too! where to buy it, how to make it? SOS! :)))

  6. oh that was fun!
    i love the playlist!
    you forgot stylophonics! HAHA =]] you played dancefloor too.

  7. BRYAN BOY! I absolutely LOOOOOOOVE the playlist. Cool songs! I’m so into techno and all that, and I searched every song in your playlist in imeem. And I loved it, I’m going to put it in my blog! THANKS! :*

  8. And I’m also downloading each song. Thank yoooouuuu!!! :*

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