1. Jarrod

    I dont like this is at all. Trust I am all about a little assistance when need be to make your self look a better. But this is far and beyond that:( What the hell is he thinking using foundation 19 shades darker than his skin color? And as for those shorts…I could of sworn you needed to be in shape to pull those off, but thats just me.

  2. dillaboi6

    Maybe with some liposuction and other minor cosmetic surgery??

  3. “#1 male barbie”.
    talking about being extreme! could be inspirational though.
    i am so gonna show this to kak ali….

  4. I do love his originality. He must make sure to keep the goods concealed so unsuspecting camera crews don’t capture unintended “slippage”…

  5. bleah.
    now really, the only way these people will ever get attention is by being disgusting.
    B E Y O N C E foundation O_o
    hahahha i wanted to die when i heard it :D

  6. Avoid, avoid, avoid at all costs. He might be contagious. LOL
    hello bryanboy, I’m a big fan of your site. I check it everyday. Your brand of wit and wry humor gets me through all my bad days. I enjoy looking through your posts and that of Jane (Sea of Shoes). I’m Bernice Vanguardia’s cousin from Mindanao. ;D

  7. Aldous

    the beyonce foundation got me laughing like a moron in front of the computer.

  8. matthew S

    He needs a reality check seriously in front of the 360 degrees mirror. big one. I like it when people being bold or different, however this one just screams “drag queen” not a barbie male at all. and what’s with all those bling bling?? so cheesy and trashy!!

  9. LMAO!!!!! “Thees is gongster blang.” LMAO!!!!!!!!! Oooh, my goodness. That was a good one. But he’s so cute! I love a person that feels good about who they are and what they do without giving a HOOT about what anyone else thinks (I mean, come on – he’s harmless).

  10. wasn’t this look 2006?? with all the gold chains and neon jackets?…and I’m actually flattered that he wants to be of a darker shade it makes me proud of my race lol

  11. UHHH!
    Ross was so cute before, with his pale skin and henryhair ^_^

  12. Reminds me of Daffydd from Little Britain! He’s the only gay in the village!!!

  13. Mahahahahahaha! Who needs Barbie when you have Ken(dra)??
    On the bright side, liquid foundations and concealers won’t experience sales reduction when Ken(dra) checks out the make-up counter…

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