Rihanna in Balmain [PICS]

Written By bryanboy

Rihanna in Balmain

I love Balmain and all but this Balmain-mania has to stop. First you’ve got Team Vogue Paris as in Emmanuelle & Co. sporting the goods fresh off the runway. Then you’ve got the boatload of fashion bloggers recreating the Balmain look for less with their bleached ripped jeans and now the celebrity brigade have joined the bandwagon too. There’s Michael Jackson in that swarovski-studded t-shirt, Beyonce in that black Balmain jacket and now Rihanna in the denim military jacket. This is too much. Wayy too much. Perhaps it’s just me but I feel like the universe is shoving Balmain down my throat. 

How does Rihanna (who, btw, is TOTALLY channeling Michael Jackson with THAT hair) make you feel?

photos via denimology


  1. if she can afford it then why not? i’m sure if you could afford an entire wardrobe filled with french labels then you’d have jumped on the balmain wagon already.

  2. Ahhhh I CANNOT STAND what she is doing with her hair!!! She looks like Prince or Michael Jackson, much in need of a makeover…
    Breakdown aside, I love your blog :)

  3. Who would’ve thought? Balmain is doing INCREDIBLY well during this economic time. I mean, seriously, it seams as though every celebrity has been spending thousands on these Balmain jackets. The jackets are beautiful, but at the same time, in a few months I think everyone is going to be so sick of looking at them.

  4. I kind of hate her hair… I think it might just be because of the MJ reference. Isn’t it funny how Rihanna looks more like Michael Jackson than Michael Jackson does.

  5. I agree, Balmania has gone too far. It was quite funny for a while, but now it’s just annoying.
    A slightly aside point is that Rihanna usually looks ridiculous anyway. I know this comment is going to send a lot of Rihanna lovers into apocalyptic rage about how I’m jealous etc. (am not) but the thing is, the girl has barely turned 20 yet some stylist is telling her to dress up in all this designer gear from usually Gucci and Balmain, head-to-toe runway outfits, and more often than not she just ends up looking clueless.. a girl her age should be experimenting more, having more fun with fashion. Sure wear designer, but why not throw in some vintage, some Topshop, some small/unknown designer stuff.. Hardly any 21 year olds would have the ‘experience’ and presence to do justice to the sort of designer stuff she wears all the time.

  6. the margiela shoulder doesn’t look good on her. i think it’s meant for taller people.

  7. Aldous Wright

    The hair makes me feel like she’s some dominatrix, ready to go Hitler anytime soon. Loving it.

  8. Decarnin really needs to move to another direction with Balmain, trend is over, with all the fast fashion store being inspired by Balmain, U can’t come with the same season after season.

  9. At 5’10”, she’s plenty tall. But the jacket’s still a mess, IMHO. Too costumey.

  10. Rihana is a hoodrat no amount of fashion coaching can help her. Why photographers still follow her is beyond me. She’s trash.

  11. she does wear some vintage, some topshop and definitely a lot of small/unknown designer stuff. if you really paid attention to her wardrode, you would know that. She had a campaign deal with Gucci so of course she has tons of Gucci in her closet. and when does age ever play a part in fashion?? hmm..

  12. Gracie Vee

    Im sorry but I cant stand Rihanna. she made the jacket look fug cos shes just ugly like fuck

  13. oh i didnt’ know she’s that tall. thought she’s only about 5 5 to 5 6 .lol. lets call carine roitfeld and let her teach this gurl how to work that trend.(talking about how gorgeous carine wears the coat on that CNN Revealed.)

  14. I don’t like Rihanna style actually shes alway so hip hop look about hair and big earring and make up but she trying to wear hige end designer but her character never touch it … but this pic i just Wow Balmain look good in everyones..!!!
    Love Vouge paris team!!

  15. Ure so right! what the hell is going on??s no style “singer” has got herself a new rock stylist please!! after the gucci beurk adverdisment edhardy style. now she is going the other way wearing balmain? yeurk.. She should have better stayed at gucci style.. someone in this world really cared about this brand way before rihana have heard of it existance!
    the bat

  16. She’s not even wearing it well. It just looks bad, the way she is wearing it. AND TOO MUCH MICHAEL JACKSON GOING ON HERE! What is it? like waaaay too much Ri Ri. Need to ditch that hairstyle honayy. I adore Balmain, but not this jacket. did anyone see Kate Moss in F/W 09 Balmain already? The Balmainia continues…

  17. I think no matter what u wear, when u have the confident and the body and all of those it will look Good maybe Great if ure lucky. I love fashion too, but just becoz we cant pull it off then it looks ugly to others, dont work that way. Dont spent so much money on clothing or accesories before you spend it on you FACE and SKIN! How can you face the problem if the problem is ur FACE, always remember that! Spent the money of Face skin then clothing then gadget etc. Ciao!

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