Raf Simons Spring 2009 White "SHOW" Sandals

Written By bryanboy

Raf Simons Spring 2009 White “SHOW” Sandals

Raf Simons Spring 2009 White “SHOW” Sandals

Raf Simons Spring 2009 shoes sandals runway

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UK£479 available at Oki-Ni


Rob, 24
Blackwood, NJ
IT Student

Nice sandals, but I’d get rid of the wings on the side. Are we making paper airplanes or going to the beach? Here’s a more important question when buying sandals: are they comfortable? These certainly don’t look it.


Jeremy, 22
Atlanta, GA
Private Contractor/Security

Velcro should not be attached to anything with a ¬£479.00 price tag on it. Ever. There are more technologically advanced ways of securing shoes to your feet. These sandals are sort of a paradox. The solid white color scheme says “come on me!” but the smooth bottoms say “don’t! I’ll slip!”.



*photo credits: oki-ni, style.com

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