Postcards from Tokyo Part 1

Written By bryanboy

Postcards from Tokyo Part 1

Here’s a quick dump of some of the photos in my camera during my trip to Tokyo.

Tokyo Narita Airport Limousine Bus #17 to Ikebukuro

The $64 million question is… can you identify ALL places and make a story/piece the puzzle together? Click click click!

Sunshine City Prince Hotel Ikebukuro

A dinner from a deli in Ikebukuro

John Lawrence Sullivan Fashion Show Tokyo

Taxi from Aoyama

Taxi from Aoyama

Japanese Taxi

Tokyo Taxi

Tokyo subway tracks

Hamburger steak lunch at Tokyo Midtown

Tokyo Metro Omotesando station

Smokers station

Samantha Thavasa featuring Beyonce

Louis Vuitton store at Omotesando Tokyo


Chanel boutique Omotesando

Christian Dior building Omotesando

Laforet Store Harajuku

Laforet Museum Harajuku Tokyo
an exhibit at Laforet Museum Harajuku

Prada Building in Omotesando Miniaoyama, Tokyo

Part 2 to follow.


  1. popoii

    i love omotesando – omotesando hills, the backstreets of omotesando and the aoyama district are full of lovely stuffs to buy and great designs for just about anything under the sun…..

  2. Vanessa

    omg! you took a picture of omotesandou station. it brings back so many memories of just being there in february! hahaha did i see a pic of hanba~ga~?!

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