Portraits of the Blogging World by Danny Roberts of Igor + Andre

Written By bryanboy

Portraits of the Blogging World by Danny Roberts

These portraits (part of the “Portraits of the Blogging World” series) are absolutely stunning and they brought a smile to my face. How many of these bloggers do you recognize?

The Blogging World by Danny Roberts of Igor + Andre

Click click click!

The above portraits are some of the amazing works of Danny Roberts, a very talented young artist based in California.

*photos & illustrations by danny roberts/igor + andre


  1. you’re the only one i could recognize.i do not know any bloggers. i like this entry.and i love the black and white models. i could not identify them exactly but that is sasha pivovarova standing third and stam is no. 5.am i right?sigrid agren is in the next pic and stam again on solo.

  2. he’s so handsome! a keeper bryan!
    I recognise you, coco, sea of shoes, rumi from fashion toast, karoline engman is there somewhere too…

  3. Sign up

    apart from you, i recognise Tavi of style rookie, middle picture in the bottom row.

  4. OMGGGG thanks for sharing! i’d seen them all separately at different times. but seeing them all together is like, wow!
    and he’s so damn adorable!!!!!!!!

  5. Jay Inojales

    At first I thought that Danny look so familiar. And then it struck me, I saw him on lookbook.nu

  6. tavi of style rookie, rumi of fashiontoast, I thought Julia of Julialapin too. Uuh Camille of childhoodflames.

  7. I don’t follow fashion so the only one I recognize is your face of course.

  8. MIchael yk

    i recognize him from lookbook i think
    his work is good by the way

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