Paris Hilton and those Martin Margiela Sunglasses

Written By bryanboy

Paris Hilton and those Martin Margiela Sunglasses

It’s the end of the world as you know it. Maison Martin Margiela for Paris Hilton Barbie is dat chu?

photos via: fashin fags


  1. Those sunglasses are so other-worldly that I have no idea how you could style them for everyday wear. At least Paris is taking some kind of fashion risk that involves wearing clothing/accessories!

  2. Justin

    UHHH I eally want these sunglasses. I’m glad the price went down I must have them.

  3. I think she looks great, and I’m no Paris Hilton fan. It’s just great to see someone experiment with their look.

  4. Madonna

    There’s one thing I hate about you BB — you are a fan of the Imeldific (stoooopid and a thief, at that) and Paris H (she’s so damn ugly, inside and out — just my opinion). LOL, but as for everything else, you are still priceless. And also doncha ever, ever, forget that you are from the cesspit of the third word world, the Pinas. Enjoy your success, but stay grounded (whatever that means) — I’m a fan and I wanna see you still rocking fashion until you’re 50,60,70 — like lola Madge.

  5. yeppp
    as the rumors say, Martin left the company.
    If Paris H would be wearing my stuff I’d do the same and probably leave for tibet to think over, what have I done wrong?!


    i bought the glasses 2 weeks ago and my God the reaction of the people.somebody yelled at me cyclops and worse zaido.honestly i can’t afford it but i still bought it.
    ang leche na part ay nang singilin ako ng customs ng Php5,000. bwissseeet!!.hehehe.but love the way it catches people’s attention.

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