Outside John Lawrence Sullivan Fall/Winter 2009

Written By bryanboy

Outside John Lawrence Sullivan Fall/Winter 2009

How funny. A few people have been asking me whether this trench is from Lanvin and I’m always like “uh no, not Lanvin, I don’t have money for Lanvin…. it’s from the friggin’ GAP!”

Speaking of Lanvin, OMG you guys, remember the leopard-print clutch I’ve been lusting for weeks now? Well, I went to this super cool and super luxxe store in Tokyo called RESTIR. Anyway, I saw a beautiul silk Lanvin trench in the same Spring 2009 leopard print but guess how much was it… 658,000 yen or about US$6,600. For a plain silk trench, no embroidery or beadwork, just plain, plain, plain lightweight silk trench coat. I’m no stranger to sticker shock but man, that was really scary. Enough about expensive things or else I’m gonna cry now.

I took a few snaps after the John Lawrence Sullivan show. Click click click!

BTW, I’m so sorry for the crappy quality of the photos. I am so fed up of this horrible, horrible camera! I still, for the life of god, can’t figure out what settings to use; we’re all whitewashed!  Remind me to get a new one the next time I get my paycheck. I want to take nice photos and my new friends look like GHOSTS!


  1. just a thought…do not dispose that cam! maybe you should ask sonny v on how to make the most out of that cam. you use a g10/9 right? go full auto all the way or try to fiddlediddledoo with the settings :-)

  2. Nice hair right there, beebz! And Lanvin prices still shock me no matter how many times I see them.
    have you heard about the new supermall opening in Singapore? I bet you’ll be here soon enough to see it! XD
    I got some info about it on my blog if you’re interested.

  3. popoii

    the jap guy is definitely cute….ha ha ha..now..who is he..really?

  4. North of Manila

    A few people have been asking me whether this trench is from Lanvin and I’m always like “uh no, not Lanvin, I don’t have money for Lanvin…. it’s from the friggin’ GAP!” <=== channeling SHARON STONE here. Okay … I just carbon dated myself, but this is a classic moment in fashion history.

  5. What happened to your G10!!
    Anyway try putting the flash on Slow Synchro/Rear Curtain or whatever it’s called on the camera you have. It should help.
    Or try Night Portrait mode if it has one.
    Worst comes to worse, just get a couple of layers of white tissue paper and tape it over the flash.

  6. liezelbenavidez

    hey, dont you own any other pair of jeans? you have been photograph with that lots of times

  7. Omg, another vivi model, lol. the girl in the brown fur coat, second pic from the bottom. she’s called エリーローズ(elli rose).
    i am so envious!

  8. hey bryan – (: Loving your Japan coverage! Wondering who is this Japanese guy? Looks intriguing.

  9. hi bryan! im a long time fan of your site! I always like wat u wear! it’s fab w/o being too gay! i like the cuff you wore!

  10. the saddest thing is that how shallow u sound, ud probably buy that stupid 6000bucks trench shit coat

  11. sebastian

    okay sorry if i never heard yur name before.. but not until i grab a H & M catalogue … while reading i saw yur name.. hehhee specially the filipino part… hahha.. awesome blog site.. wow…
    u admire me alot cause of yur strong will to wear clothes like that and speaking being a inspiration for marc jacobs campaign.. wow.. hehehe..
    thumbs up..
    i added u up on facebook hope to see u there.. hehehe

  12. I could not believe it is not a Lanvin :)
    It really looks uber Expensive on you!!
    I am starting to get so addicted to your site..
    I just discovered your blog a few hours ago and I can’t leave your website anymore..

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