Not safe for work.

Written By bryanboy

Not safe for work.

I don't know about you but I like to think I'm desensitized to everything that goes online. If you record a "reaction video" of me looking at every imaginable internet meme out there (from 2 girls 1 cup and 1 guy 1jar to meat spin and chances are, the most you can get is a flat face and the words "ok, next".

Until now. Well, yesterday because that's when I got the email.

Warning: please be 18 and over when you click THIS link to see the video. It is NOT SAFE FOR WORK.


  1. Oh my F…ing GOD!!! I am speechless. I don’t even know if that’s disgusting or funny (probably both). I think because of that video a lot of people are going to start seeing you under a new light. hehehe

  2. I think it’s beautiful. It’s the ultimate act of adoration to a celebrity blogger. Your readers hear you, watch you, stare at you, get shocked by you, cry with you. He went all the way and came in your face. So intimate and raw. I’m moved.

  3. that is the funniest shit ever lolzzzz… un-fucking-believable…. i mean not tat theres no1 out there who wouldn ahem mastrubate over u… but to post it on the web lolzzz..
    ure officially an icon now!! lolzz

  4. dickmatized

    bryanboy as international sex icon? who knew…
    the bukkake tribute is funny but that guy has a small dick and u deserve bigger

  5. oh my gawd, is this gon be the next thing after the BB pose?! JOKES!!! LOL- chaka, sana hotness ung papa eh chaba naman (wish the guy was hot, but he seemed a lil chubby) . nevertheless, bravo! as mentioned earlier, the ultimate act of adoration!

  6. Oh, BB, I am a long time admirer of your blog. I know I am only a straight girl…but I need to say that your looks are hardly non-existent, in fact you are quite the dish! You’re pretty good looking… I don’t know if I’d take it as far as masturbating to you on camera though. :)

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