Non-Fashion People Have Fashion Feelings, Too

Written By bryanboy

Non-Fashion People Have Fashion Feelings, Too

It’s been quite a while since I last did a social experiment involving fashion so here’s another one for sheeeeeez and giggles.

I trolled around teh interwebs earlier today and asked four heterosexual American males of different backgrounds to give me commentary based on fashion-related images I sent them. These are your “average joe”-type of people who have no idea what is Laura Hollins’ stage name or who designs Ungaro or where the hell Carmen San Diego, I mean KASS, is.

The results are effing hilarious. Click the first link to begin. I’m warning you — it’s a long read!

On my next installment, I’m gonna do them Brits! I’ll also turn the tables and ask fashion people to give me commentary based on images submitted by non-fashion people.

Ooooo project!


  1. OMG!!!! So funny!!! How cute the average American make is! My guess is that the average guys from the British version will be a lot more clued into what’s hot. I think it’s just a more European thing.
    Can’t wait to see the results!! :-)
    Kisses from Paris!
    twitter: chicsetera

  2. getitright

    hi bryanboy
    i was wondering where i can e mail you and send you some pictures of some (vintage inspired) jewelries that you might be interested with.
    looking forward.
    thank you.

  3. You picked the worst pictures of Lara Stone ever! I mean, I think they would find her attractive if they saw this:

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