Natasha Poly for Vogue Nippon June 2009 Cover

Written By bryanboy

Natasha Poly for Vogue Nippon June 2009

I'm a fan of Vogue Nippon (hello!!!!) and a VERY BIG fan of Natasha Poly because she's my favourite model of all time. I'm not sure about this cover though.

photo via ontd_ff


  1. yes, whoever did that should be shot dead.she looks like a sober cameroon diaz. what an ugly cover.i never imagined that look could win a cover.honestly, burberry for vogue?

  2. in as much as i dislike the cover A LOT, it is not Natasha’s fault, i mean, of all the shots she took they managed to choose that one????
    on the lighter side of things it still is Natasha and its for Vogue Nippon! plus, its her 20th Vogue cover!

  3. This looks like one of the mini magazines you get inside Vogue not the actual cover.
    I only bought Vogue Nippon once and I was mildly disappointed since there was about 3 Asian people in it xD

  4. not so sure about la poly’s pose but i honestly have no idea what else one could do with that shitty SS09 collection from burberry

  5. harry

    this picture is ugly. kinda like the pictures from america’s next top model. i like you natasha, but the person who chose this cover was probably on crack.

  6. this is so not NAtasha Poly.
    I have been a fan of her ever since.
    and this is the only unimpressive shoots.!
    Maybe it really is about sabotage!
    This picture is not so Fierce!
    But why? Why? destroy Natasha Poly?!

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