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Now this is what you call ferocity in the highest level. Here’s Michael Jackson sporting a Balmain t-shirt from the fall/winter 2009 womenswear collection.

photo credit: ONTD, catwalking


  1. ten thousand pounds for a friggin’ t-shirt?! now, that’s just ridiculous. haute couture prices can (maybe) be justified. a t-shirt at that price cannot.

  2. i can make that shirt! and it will only cost me less P1000! :) god.. that’s not an appropriate price for a shirt.. LOLL

  3. love the shirt, not the price! its kinda odd that mj is wearing Balmain… expecailly since it was originally made for a female to wear… but what can you expect its mj after all. please check out my blog http://framestheworld.blogspot.com if you have time! thanks! :)

  4. How can someone even propose selling a t-shirt for ten thousand pounds?
    Fashion journalists should do more than just print a press release (sometimes verbatim) from companies; if they had any nerve, they should do some investigation and some critical searching. If they even get away with charging that much, what justifies the price?

  5. Wow… $10,000. Nevertheless, I think it is a good match between Michael Jackson and Balmain.

  6. i don’t understand why balmain’s pieces cost too much and why they are sold out despite?.are there real diamonds in their blings?

  7. i could be wrong, i think MJ is wearing tom ford coat (tailor speak: only potatoes have jackets)…
    i dont see why men can’t wear clothes supposedly designed for women, women often wear mens clothes, and that’s widely recognized as cool? as long as it looks good, and MJ looks perfectly fine here.

  8. mj4ever<3

    Well if you think that well then ur just dumb:) okay. You need to stop hate on michael because its just gona make you ugly. Now if i can guess yoou look like Brittney when she shaved off her hair :).
    So dont hate on michael, let him rrest in peace. i love you michael r.i.p.<3

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