1. hey bb! i’ve been dying to get on lookbook! I dont really have a functioning blog so thats pretty much why I can’t get in haha

  2. hey bb! i’ve been dying to get on lookbook! I dont really have a functioning blog so thats pretty much why I can’t get in haha

  3. hey bb! i’ve been dying to get on lookbook! I dont really have a functioning blog so thats pretty much why I can’t get in haha

  4. Oh Bryan! Your my hero! Can I have it please? That would mean so much to me. my emails here. Thanks! Lotsa love! ;)

  5. ashley b

    omg your outfit is perfection<3 i love all the black with the hint of gold! and can i please have the code? i think i havent been accepted in due to the fact i never take pictures with my outfit for showing on myspace, or have a blog because i feel i need people supporting me before i make the blog! fashion is my life, and i have forever been dying to get on lookbook! i wouldnt be able to thank you enough if you got me on lookbook, and if you need fashion shots to see if i should be on lookbook, just email me!

  6. Could I please have a code? I’ve been waiting much too long to get on lookbook!

  7. Hi Bryan,
    First time to comment, though an avid follower of your blog.
    I would be very grateful if you sent me the invite code on my e-mail!

  8. hey bb! wow,you look awesome. (o well,as always) pls send me the code. I will really appreciate it so much. Thanks a lot. =)

  9. the outfit is so ferosh! love the killer boots! :) can i please have an invite code? that would mean so much to me..thanks a lot!

  10. that necklace is <3
    Heeeeyyy BB! long time lurker here. AND in lookbook, the sartorialist, chictopia… you get the drift.;p I'd love to have an invite too, if you don't mind, m'dear. :)

  11. about time you do Lookbuk Bryan. that website is soooo YOU! fashionable young trendy people (does my chronology of adj make sense?). hehehehe

  12. rinochan

    dont worry, i know someone in lookbook.nu that’s older than u hehe the boots -heart it :D

  13. OMG~Are u kiding me!U are in lookbook now!I am your big fan and I love your style~ I want to join lookbook for a long time!But I can’t get in…GOD knows why.If u don’t mind,please send me an invite code~It will be a very cool thing to me~

  14. I totally agree, everyone seems to be between the ages of 15 & 20! Ha!

  15. annabella

    I want to join too Ive benn dying to be a member! please send me an invite ….thank u!!!
    BTW fierce outfit as usual!

  16. Nillamint

    Hi, hun. :) Just like everyone else here, I’ve been wanting to join Lookbook. Would you be so kind as to send me an invite code as well?
    I’d kill for your Alexander Wang sweater. :( I’m so jealous.

  17. Hi BryanBoy!
    I would love to be on LookBook!
    Can you send me an invoice in my mail, please?
    I hope you can,
    Thanks in advance))

  18. hi.. B u are off the chain..
    those boots r smoking hot..
    i would love1 to get into lookbook
    B could you give me an invite code if u can..

  19. i was wondering where the pictures of bryanboy are when i joined LB, you should have been here ages ago because you have the unique sense of style that LB is all about. oh and finally a real popular filipino in this site not like that basa guy.
    love tavi! i cant believe you know her. jealous… she is so amazing for her age.
    Love your blog keep it up.

  20. Caroline

    Loving your necklace <3
    I'd truly appreciate if you could send me an invite as well.
    Either way, thanks hun =PP

  21. Tristian

    can i please have an invite code!!
    I’ve been waiting for monthes for one…(and saying that makes me feel like a total loser=])

  22. could you send me an invite code to lookbook.nu ? that would be great.:) i love lookbook!

  23. namwhan

    I want to join too please send me an invite ….
    thank u!!!

  24. finally someone who i can actually watch on lookbook. HAHA!
    can i have an invite?
    let’s be friends.

  25. Marla Singer

    BB! Finally, your lookbook account. Hee.
    An invite would be lovely btw. Thanks! (;

  26. talldrink

    oww, you are really nice, i’ve been dying for ages to join lookbook, thank you very much. but are u sure it’s okay?

  27. jennifer d.

    Hello my dear bryanboy!
    I’ve been trying to get into lookbook for months without any luck. I would love an invite from you!

  28. hey bryanboy. i love your clothes, they’re awesome. would you be so kind to invite me to lookbook? thank you!!

  29. Valentina

    Hola…can u plz send me an invite code for lookbook.nu
    plzzzzzz…thanx alot…

  30. omg so cool
    i like if you can send to me :)
    you cna make happy someone jajaj
    really ♥

  31. I neeeeed one of those invite codes (:
    I’ve been dying for one forever.
    I’m stuck as just a lurker :D
    Please, (:

  32. Soffii

    can you send me the code? i would love to join..
    nice boots by the way, i love them..
    cya =D

  33. Hiiiiiii, I really want bring to lookbook.nu!!
    Please invite me for to join ? *-*

  34. Hi, bryan, I am dying to catch up the invitation code of lookbook.nu, could you give me an invitation code please, if you dont mind…by the way I am freelance graphic designer,writer & photographer from indonesia, and interesting with street culture…

  35. alison

    hey!! iv been trying to get a lookbook invite code for ages! if there is anyway you could send one to me it would mean soo much to me!

  36. shhworldwide@gmail.com

    hello…nice blog…keep on keeping on!!! could you please send me an invite for Lookbook…$

  37. It would be ever so kind if I could have an invite code =]
    Fashion is lovely, and this site is amazing.
    Thank you.
    This picture is wonderful. I like the mix of the tailored jacket with the rugged feel of the boots and top.

  38. hello! thank for offering to invite people. it’s very nice of you. could you send one to me too? have a great day!

  39. Woow. Your outfit is GREAT. I love the boots especially. And the gold makes it perfect!!!!!! Sorry, I had to get that off.
    Well, I was wondering if you could send me a lookbook.nu invite code?
    I had been DYING to get one for months now, and no one would! And I already took tons of pictures, wanting to upload. loool.
    here’s my e-mail:

  40. hey bb :) please send me an invite code when you can, il hype you an il always post new pictures =D

  41. Hi BB! I’ve been reading your blog the whole day. I’m a new fan. I only discovered this site like 8 hours ago and I’ve been reading your blogs straight. I have chictopia, a lookbook.nu invite would be totally awesome. :)

  42. Hey!I’ve been on lookbook.nu for about 6 months now, just admiring the outfits and it would be greatly accepted if you could invite me to lookbook.It would meen so much. Thanks!

  43. hello good ol’ bryan!
    you look fab dear!! u must be in lookbook!!
    i really love lookbook as much as u do!
    can u invite me also to lookbook.nu?this is so much appreciate!

  44. Marieke Bigg

    hey! love your lookbook profile! Any chance you can help me get one by sending me an invite? :D
    thank you!

  45. Gustave

    Hi mate, I like your style. I absolutely love your blazer and your boots!

  46. Gustave

    By the way, is there a chance I can have an invite code forr lookbook.nu?
    I absolutely love fashion and design, but I do not have an active blog, hence, I’ve been having a hard time applying to the site. Cheers mate!

  47. Claudia Paola

    Omg too many people asking for the invite code but anyways I still will ask you for one =D please! I would love it and truly appreciate it! =D thanks!

  48. hi!! My name es Federico Garza , im realllyy intersted to join to lookbook.nu , pleasee if you get the chance send me a invite code , te lo agradeceria siempre :D

  49. emooooly

    Omg, lookbook is my favorite! if you could that would be frickin awesome! Thx

  50. Oh, I have been interested in joining lookbook for the longest time! :)
    I’m in my early teenage years, so I really wanna prove that even the young ones can have style! :)
    I hope I can have that invite code of yours. :)

  51. regalprincess

    I’m dying to join Lookbook.nu. Can you please send me an invitation code? Thanks in advance! :)

  52. Just wondering if the offer for an invite code is still open. If so, you are AWESOME!!!! Thanks! :)

  53. Hey,
    I am just 14 years old and from Germany!
    it would be awesome if you cold send me an invitation for lookbook. This page is so inspireing and I would like to be part of this inspiration ,too!

  54. YURIKO

    hi, how are you, i want to enjoy lookbook.nu too pleaseeee!!!!!! invite…

  55. send me one please?? i’m an aspiring fashion journalist who loves photography && i just want to express myself. thanks!!

  56. been following you for awhile now. just came upon this. will you please send me an invite code? check out my blog if you have the chance. thanks so much!!

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