Life on the road

Yes I know. I’m so backlogged (or should I say backblogged). I have lots of work to do but it’s summer here in the flips and the heat is atrociously unbearable to stay in the house. I’ve been taking quick jaunts here and there with the good ol’ family so my internet access has been limited the past week. I know my recent blog entries have been limited to CPR (copy/paste/regurgitate) from other sources but it’s better to post what tickles my fancy than not blog anything at all! By the time I get home, I’m too exhausted to even go to the computer….

In other news, I think one of our very old cats died while we were away. The last time I saw him was Monday morning and he was very, very frail. I don’t see him anywhere in the house now. I’m starting to think 2009 is a clusterfuck of a year. Life is a rollercoaster indeed.

BTW, I need to stay away from damn eclairs. I had about half a dozen of these.