Lanvin Spring 2009 High-Top Sneakers (Men's)

Written By bryanboy

Lanvin Spring 2009 High-Top Sneakers (Men’s)

Lanvin Spring/Summer 2009 satin high-top sneakers with velcro strap and patent leather details.

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Jeremy, 22
Atlanta, GA
Private Contractor/Security

Historically, I’ve only found the high-top style of sneaker appealing in a more modern, futuristic design.

However, being the connoisseur of comfort that I am and my tendency to lean toward the more masculine, apathetic side of shopping habit, I’ve owned at least four pairs of the same shoe over the years – the retro/classic Adidas Campus sneaker. So I can appreciate a merger of the two distinct styles. I would definitely wear these Lanvin sneakers in public.


Rob, 24
Blackwood, NJ
IT Student

Not a bad looking sneaker. I would like to see a different color combination however, and possibly rethink the height on the ankle.


Tsyonsyn, 28
San Francisco, CA
Wholesale Florist/DJ

OK. I know what this sneaker is. A lot of my friends want it probably because its expensive and not because it looks good. Designers should stop making sneakers!!!! Leave that to Vans or Nike or Adidas because those guys make awesome looking sneakers. This shoe is crap. NOT very awesome looking.


Sal, 20

Lodi, NJ
Auto Exhaust Fabricator/Welder

It’s like a really goofy mix between a converse and a nike dunk. I guess I like it. I would buy it but not for that price.



*photo credits: luisa via roma

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