Lanvin Leopard Print Dress Spring 2009

Written By bryanboy

Lanvin Leopard Print Dress Spring 2009

Lanvin off-shoulder leopard print dress from the Spring/Summer 2009 collection.

Lanvin Spring 2009 dress leopard print

click HERE for more info
approx. US$2,000 available at Luisa Via Roma
approx. US$2,127 available at My Theresa


Tsyonsyn, 28
San Francisco, CA
Wholesale Florist/DJ

YEAAAAAAAH HOT! Leopard print is hot. It pumps up my juices. Pump pump! Very hot leopard print short dress except for that thing on her shoulder that should get cut off. It’s sad that she has to wear that thing on her shoulder. The model looks (and feels) deformed.


Sal, 20
Lodi, NJ
Auto Exhaust Fabricator/Welder

I will never see the appeal in these outrageously overpriced dresses that are kind of gawky and rather ugly. That’s the same dress that Wilma from the Flintstones wears. Why anybody would pay almost 2,000 dollars for that thing is beyond me.


Jeremy, 22
Atlanta, GA
Private Contractor/Security

The colors used in this print are awful. Does it come with a pair of complimentary 3D glasses? I’ve seen a real leopard. For $2,000 I’m pretty sure I could buy one too. Pass.

3D glasses


Rob, 24
Blackwood, NJ
IT Student

For $2,000 it doesn’t look like a lot of effort was put into this. It looks like a leapard-print throw rug that someone bought at a goodwill store and threw it over their shoulder. It’s not hideous but it’s not stylish by no means. If I saw someone wearing it on the street, I’d think to myself, where did you get the carpet?



*photo credits: luisa via roma,


  1. I so, so hope this will be a recurring feature. Too entertaining. I think next you should focus on Grandmothers.

  2. Kathleen

    Wow, these people really don’t know anything about manufacturing or producing clothing.
    Idiots, I say learn about the construction of clothing and basic business sense and art principles before judging.

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