Karin Ström – Silent Night [VIDEO]

Written By bryanboy

Karin Ström – Silent Night

OK. I don’t even know where to begin but I’m so sorry for the silence. The past few days have been rough and exhausting. I’m so backlogged, backblogged and currently swamped with emails, work (I know you’re rolling your eyes now because in essence my blog is my ‘work’ but tbh, there’s more to it really), endless meetings, projects, etc.  Also, my family’s going on vacation today and one of my best friends from Australia came here for a visit so I had to see her. Look at me — it’s already 7:12AM and I’m still effing awake from going through all my incoming  communications.

And I wish that you would scream and shout and say baby please just hear me out. But you don’t…and you won’t. so I keep on protecting myself from my hopes, no you don’t. And you won’t. So I keep on protecting myself from you, oh. Just look the other way.

I think I’m gonna hire an assistant soon because quite frankly, it has
come to the point where I can’t manage it ALL. SuperBryan no more, I’ve
had enough of me trying so hard to be a one-man circus/operation. In order for me to be better at whatever the hell it is that I do (and whatever it is that I’m good at — this I don’t know — haaaah), I need to delegate petty tasks that occupy so much of my time. We’ll see how it goes. But for now, I hate to say this but y’all are gonna have to bear with me.

Oh and I love Karin Ström!


  1. sgdfgdfg

    you should totally get an assistant.
    atleast try part time in the start.

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