How does Vladimir make you feel?

Have you been checking out the ferocious The Contributing Editor recently? They’ve been busting out these videos like there’s no tomorrow. So tell me my dear readers, how does Vladimir, who is sooooo flawless, make you feel? Get a normal person to do all that posin n’ jazz and they’d end up looking like a freak!

Click HERE to watch the video if the player doesn’t work.

I remember speaking to a friend a few weeks ago on how I need to get over my “fear” of male models. It’s interesting because he’s a male model himself, however, we were friends wayyy before he got into modeling so it’s all cool.

I dunno. I appreciate male beauty and all but there’s something about the male modeling world that kinda makes me feel uneasy. While most people would beam with delight when they see their fave male mo half-naked or in their underpants, I’m the type who would look at the pics for a second or two, squirm, then purge it all from memory. Perhaps I’m the only one who feels this way? I’m not sure. It’s different with female models though. I could stare at their photos and look at their vids for HOURS and not get an uncomfy vibe.

Bah. I think I need to spend more time with these male models in real life. *wink*

Oooo project! Hushhh.