How does Vladimir make you feel?

Written By bryanboy

How does Vladimir make you feel?

Have you been checking out the ferocious The Contributing Editor recently? They’ve been busting out these videos like there’s no tomorrow. So tell me my dear readers, how does Vladimir, who is sooooo flawless, make you feel? Get a normal person to do all that posin n’ jazz and they’d end up looking like a freak!

Click HERE to watch the video if the player doesn’t work.

I remember speaking to a friend a few weeks ago on how I need to get over my “fear” of male models. It’s interesting because he’s a male model himself, however, we were friends wayyy before he got into modeling so it’s all cool.

I dunno. I appreciate male beauty and all but there’s something about the male modeling world that kinda makes me feel uneasy. While most people would beam with delight when they see their fave male mo half-naked or in their underpants, I’m the type who would look at the pics for a second or two, squirm, then purge it all from memory. Perhaps I’m the only one who feels this way? I’m not sure. It’s different with female models though. I could stare at their photos and look at their vids for HOURS and not get an uncomfy vibe.

Bah. I think I need to spend more time with these male models in real life. *wink*

Oooo project! Hushhh.


  1. Taylor

    i totally talked with valdimir backstage at the mackage show. a total cutie and super nice…didnt see him half naked tho

  2. No, you’re totally not the only one who feels that way. i’m not making this up but me too, feel that way. i can’t even really watch menswear show (i prefer see it from online shopping website) but i can re-watch womenswear a lot of times. Too much ego in male modeling, probably?

  3. The only strange sentiments I have towards male models is poorly directed animosity at the fact that they make me feel like I fall so so so short of the ideal male form.

  4. Oh. My. GOD! Have you seen the Andrey one?!! I posted it on my blog but now the link is different… it was the most sexual thing i’ve ever seen! I’d honestly stop breathing when i watched it!

  5. It gives me a rather awkward feeling, I think it has to do with the lenght of the clip. Cut it in half and it’s ok. Not that I really mind watching it… ;)

  6. Giorgio

    haha I’m also on the contributing editor, right under Vladimir, in the article about the Vienna students hihi — look for the man in black at the bottom of the page (the one with the longest answer, I know, I know I always have loooads of things to say :)
    so funny to read about 2 things that I’m remotely connected to (this and Eley Kishimoto) right now :P

  7. You are not alone. It really just seems awkward. I think it is because they know they look awesome and people who gawks at them boosts their ego. Egotistic really.

  8. Get a male model to do all that posing and they end up looking like a jackass.
    Am I the only one who thinks this??

  9. bradley

    how many times can a guy comb and mess up his hair? I guess it’s a full time job for male models. I have to admit that the best part about this video is blonde redhead.

  10. this i totally annoying (the music playing). hun i love ur blog but i would love to read it when it is quiet/ with my music. i hope u understand. this “model video music” is so annoying.

  11. I would love to help you with that project! Vladimir gives me this oddly unique feeling of peace of mind, yet a rumbling in my core, a shakiness I feel only when in love, but of course I’m not in love with him! Its weird, that boy’s got talent! Oh and PS I would love to help you with that project! Lets make it a team effort! lol

  12. I think it’s the egotism when you see a picture of a male model his facial expression almost always looks like he knows he’s hot and vanity + ego = Blugh!

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